Join virtual property game Upland now and get a double sign-up bonus

Players can buy, sell and trade virtual properties based on real-world addresses.

The momentum of mobile-based blockchain games has lessened in recent months. But that looks set to change as Upland picks up pace. 

Now available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Upland combines real-world locations with blockchain-based virtual item ownership, in this case using the EOS blockchain.

Currently available in an open beta test with San Francisco as the starting location. Players can buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses.

Note: this isn’t a location-based game so you don’t have to be in San Francisco to play; you can play it from anywhere in the world. And it’s already proving popular. Upland is currently the sixth most popular blockchain game as ranked in DappRadar’s Games section.

Making the complex simple

The game has its own UPX in-game cryptocurrency. Users can simply buy just like any other mobile game’s in-app currency through the usual app store payment methods. 

Each property you own generates rent – that’s more UPX currency. Rental multipliers can also be unlocked depending on how many properties you own and wherein the city they’re located.

More generally, one big selling point of the game is how it makes complex blockchain elements simple. So that anyone can use them.

For example, you first experience the game as what’s labeled as a ‘visitor’, which requires a minimum sign-in process. However, to ensure you keep your property, you have to log-in and get your visa stamped every week. 

To get full access to the game, including user-to-user trading and to have your property truly-stored on the EOS blockchain. You first have to level up by buying or otherwise accumulating 10,000 UPX and becoming a full ‘Uplander’.

At that point, the game creates a full EOS wallet for each player. Only the player has access to this in terms of private keys, etc.

Upland is preparing to unlock new global locations so now is a great time to jump in and experience what’s happening. 

If you sign up via this browser link, you’ll get a 6,000 UPX bonus. Rather than the usual 3,000 UPX when first registering.

Please note, this is double the standard 3,000 UPX for sign up. But you’ll only get this bonus if you use the browser link (via web or mobile). If you sign up through the mobile app, you’ll only get standard 3,000 UPX. (Note: multiple accounts are not allowed!)

Sign up and first play with Jon Jordan.

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