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Tiny World reached a big milestone as they are celebrating their 1st anniversary, and we have teamed up to bring our community an opportunity to get in on the action. Continue reading and find out how you can win some of those prizes. Tiny World has provided a prize pool of 200 Mystery runes for … Continue reading “Join the Tiny World 1st Anniversary Giveaway”

Tiny World reached a big milestone as they are celebrating their 1st anniversary, and we have teamed up to bring our community an opportunity to get in on the action. Continue reading and find out how you can win some of those prizes.

Tiny World has provided a prize pool of 200 Mystery runes for DappRadar readers. It is very simple to enter, just read this article and participate in the Tiny World quiz for your chance to win a share of the prizepool. You will find all of the answers in this post.

Tiny World Quiz

Answer the questions below by reading the entire article, and you will be eligible to win a prize.

Tiny World has over 5,000 DAU on-chain and over 10,000 daily players in Tiny Kingdom. So let’s take a dive into this fantasy gaming universe and see what all the fuss is about.

What is Tiny World?

For those not familiar with Tiny World, it is a comprehensive GameFi platform that combines NFTs, DeFi and enjoyable idle-style gameplay. Tiny World and its inhabitants are under attack from the Dark Legion, and it is up to the Tiny Heroes and their companions to save the world. The idle nature of the platform appeals to busy blockchain users that can play and earn in their spare time.

Tiny World launched on 7 March 2022, and over the last year grew into one of the most popular GameFi projects on the BNB Chain. Tiny World has over 5,000 daily on-chain users and over 10,000 users playing their off-chain flagship game, Tiny Kingdom.

How to get started playing Tiny World?

The Tiny World team have made it easy to get started and onboard new users. Tiny World is currently only available on the BNB smart chain, so you will need to connect your wallet to the BNB smart chain in order to get started.

  1. Load up your wallet with BNB, BUSD and TINC. TINC is available to purchase from PancakeSwap or Huobi Global CEX. 
  2. Obtain Tiny Hero NFT in one of two ways; Purchase a summon rune for 100 TINC and mint a Tiny Hero at the altar OR purchase from the NFT marketplace from another user for BUSD.
  3. Upgrade Tiny Heroes to increase game stats and power levels to increase earning opportunities. To upgrade Tiny Heroes, you need to consume other Tiny Heroes and complete the transaction.
  4. Grab your referral code and invite friends to play Tiny World. The referral system is great, allowing users to earn up to 5% of their friends spending on the platform.
  5. Decide how you want to play! There are many different ways to play and earn using Tiny Heroes in Tiny World. No two players are the same, it is your choice to play how you see fit, and come up with the perfect earning strategy for yourself. Get started here.

Key assets

  • TINC – The native gaming token of Tiny World. Within the tokenomics there are locking features from TinyDAO, emission reduction schedule and various burn mechanics. 
  • Tiny Hero NFTs – Tiny Hero NFTs are a collection of ERC-1155 NFT assets based on historical figures from across the globe. Use them to play and earn in multiple different ways across the platform.
  • Runes – There are two types of runes, Summon runes and Mystery runes. Summon runes are used to mint new Tiny Hero NFTs at the altar. Mystery runes are NFT assets that can be traded in the NFT marketplace. You can transform Mystery runes into Summon runes by “unsealing” them.
  • Tinymon – Tinymon will support their Heroes in battle and enhance the earning opportunities for players.
  • SPIRIT – SPIRIT is an ERC-1155 standard NFT asset that acts as the second token in the economy and is used in a few different ways. SPIRIT consumption can increase Hero energy for extra farming longevity, boost Hero power levels to increase staking yields, and it is needed for Tinymon breeding. It also has some use in Tiny Kingdom.
  • VeTINC – veTINC stands for voting escrow TINC. veTINC is obtained by locking TINC in the TinyDAO for a period of time. veTINC holders can use their tokens to vote on proposals, but it is also a key component of the Hero title system, which brings many advantages to Tiny Kingdom players.

Key earning features

  • LP Boost – Provide BNB/TINC liquidity and stake LP tokens to generate TINC yields. Boost the APR of your yields by up to 150% by staking a Tiny Hero with your LP tokens.
  • Hero Pool – Stake Tiny Heroes to the pool to generate TINC yields based on the total power of your staked assets vs total power in the pool. The more Heroes you stake, the greater the returns thanks to the power bonus rule.
  • Tiny Lord – Tiny Lord is an on-chain auto-battler that is linked to the Hero pool. Only Heroes staked to the Hero pool can participate in Tiny Lord. The aim is to win the battle and take control of territories to supplement your yields in the Hero pool. Each territory has a specific daily emission of TINC, and holding the territories can greatly increase your daily earnings from yield farming.
  • Tiny Kingdom – Tiny Heroes are the main characters in Tiny World’s flagship game, Tiny Kingdom. Tiny Kingdom is an idle-style RPG and trading game where players can grow stronger and battle for the best leaderboard positions to earn token rewards. Players can also earn BUSD by trading game assets such as materials and equipment. More on Tiny Kingdom later.
  • Tinymon breeding – Tinymon can be obtained from the NFT marketplace, and 2 individuals can be bred to produce an egg. If you are familiar with Axie, then you will find some similarities between Axie’s and Tinymon breeding mechanics. Profits can be made by breeding Tinymon with high class traits and high power figures.
  • Tinymon pool – Stake Tinymon to the pool to generate SPIRIT yields based on the total power of your staked assets vs total power in the pool.

Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is an idle-style RPG and trading game built off-chain. You can play many different games in Tiny Kingdom and there are multiple earning opportunities for players. 

Collect materials by battling endless waves of NPC’s in the castle campaign until your health runs to zero. Use materials to forge strong equipment, then players can upgrade and attach the equipment to heroes to increase the stats and increase longevity in the battle. The stronger your campaign team is, the more castles you will obtain, and you will have a higher chance to obtain rarer materials.

Materials and equipment can be traded for BUSD in the dedicated P2P marketplaces. This offers earning opportunities to all players, no matter how strong they are. 

That’s not all for gameplay, as Tiny Kingdom offers a wide variety of games for players to enjoy in their spare time. Participate in daily BOSS trials against strong opponents. The aim is to do as much damage and increase your BOSS points to climb the leaderboard. You can also obtain materials when you battle against the BOSS.

There is also a PvP arena launching soon, with the public beta coming on 16 March, so less than a week. This will bring some competition and exciting new gameplay to Tiny Kingdom, with Tiny Heroes and Tinymon combining to bring far more strategic elements to the current gameplay. There will be some amazing rewards for the public beta test, so be sure to check out Tiny Kingdom as the competition is likely to only get forever as time goes on!

Players can participate in the quest feature on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to earn TINC tokens. By forging the specific equipment with the correct score, players will share the prize pool of TINC. This feature is great because it consumes many materials from the marketplace helping improve player earnings.

There are various leaderboards which offer TINC and SPIRIT rewards. The leaderboards are reset each season which lasts only 1 week, which is a very short time for players to wait compared with other play and earn games. The leaderboard rewards are unlocked hourly over the following week which can help avoid massive sell-offs.

Tiny Kingdom will be continually developed and refined as time passes and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this enjoyable game.


Tiny World had a successful 1st year considering the tricky conditions the blockchain space had to endure over the last year. Let’s take a deepdive into some of the metrics from the last 12 months.

  1. Tiny World has obtained over 219,000 registered users to date.
  2. Players have minted a total of 425,738 Tiny Hero NFTs to date. That averages at a staggering 1166 Heroes minted per day on average. With minting costs at less than $3 currently, there has never been a better time to get involved in Tiny World and obtain your very own Tiny Hero.
  3. The total NFT trading volume in Tiny World is $20,511,023 at the time of writing. Over $20M in one year is no mean feat, so a big congratulations to Tiny World for reaching this amazing milestone.
  4. That is not all though, as Tiny Kingdom sales have exceeded $7.1M with over 1.12M total items sold. The marketplace is very active and this is where the bulk of earnings can be found for the majority of players.

Tiny World has also partnered with various projects. You can find their TINC token listed on PancakeSwap and Huobi Global. In the summer of 2022 they held an NFT sale on BinanceNFT, with an oversubscription exceeding 100%, showing the anticipation of their Tiny Hero NFTs. Recently they have partnered with Era7: Game of Truth to airdrop 1,000 NFTs to their users. These kinds of collaborations show the determination of the team to succeed and grow in the Web3 space.


The Tiny World roadmap has some very exciting things to look forward to as we go further into 2023 and beyond. With NFT land, a brand new game – Tiny Dungeons, P2P lending, guild system and more to come, the future looks very bright for this talented team!


Tiny World’s first year has been a success with all things considered. The fact that the team has managed to navigate the tricky market conditions whilst still very young is a great sign for the future. 

That brings us to the end, but as mentioned at the top of the page we have something special for our readers. You can participate in the Tiny World quiz for your chance to win a share of the Mystery Rune prize pool kindly offered by the team. 

There will be a lucky draw to determine the winners. Be sure to get your entries in quickly, as the quiz ends on Sunday, 12 March 23:59. The prize draw will take place on Monday. All the best of luck to you!

Want to learn more about Tiny World? Find out more information from their whitepaper and social platforms

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