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With Web3 gaming taking off, Iskra has become one of the most active Web3 game platforms serving both developers and gamers. The platform rewards all stakeholders for their contributions, while offering fun activities with nicely aligned incentives. 

What is Iskra? 

Iskra is a Web3 game platform built for both developers and gamers. Its ecosystem is anchored on three significant aspects: 

  1. A unique community system that rewards all stakeholders for their contribution
  2. Well-crafted tokenomics that ensures long-term sustainability
  3. The Pioneer NFT or P-NFT that empowers users to become node operators on the platform

Iskra raised $40 million in funding and is backed by financial and strategic investment groups, including Krust, Kakao Ventures, NetMarble, WeMade, and Line Studio. The team already released various key services for the platform, such as the Iskra DEX, the Iskra wallet, a launchpad, a marketplace and governance staking. 

With the launch of the Base blockchain, Iskra turned heads as it participated in the Onchain Summer campaign. Over 88 thousand wallets minted the mystery boxes, leading up to the release of the game ClashMon: Ignition. In addition, Iskra will release four new games in 2024, which includes a Web3 version of the strategy game Drawship Kingdom Reverse. 

In 2023 alone, four games and one mini-game released on Iskra:

  • Three Kingdoms Multiverse
  • Norma in Metaland
  • World of Win
  • ClashMon: Ignition
  • Monster Soul Master 

The platform also partnered with third-party developers. For example, the Indonesian leading game studio Agate will release Atma: Battle of Souls in 2024. In addition, Grampus CWC, who worked on Norma in Metaland before, will release two games on the Iskra platform. 

Web3 games on Iskra

As of November 2023, Iskra has released four full games and one mini game, namely 3 Kingdoms Multiverse, Norma in Metaland: Cooking Adventure, World of Win, ClashMon: Ignition, and Monster Soul Master.

3 Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM) is a web browser play-to-earn mobile role-playing game on Klaytn. It features PVE and PVP content where you earn tokens as rewards.

World of Win (WOW) is an arcade and casino game for browsers, also built on Klaytn.

Norma in Metaland (NIM) is a cooking simulation game by Grampus CWC, built on Klaytn and available on Android devices and for web browsers. Clear out restaurant levels to earn CANDY tokens. 

ClashMon: Ignition (CMI) is a collectible battle RPG built on Base and available through web browsers. Here you compete in PVE and PVP battles using monster decks. 

Monster Soul Master (MSM) is the final product on the list. The mini game is only available through Iskra and utilizes the Klaytn blockchain. It provides a gamification layer for the entire Iskra platform. 

In addition there are two gamification products that help users to discover and play more.

  1. Quest Wall – the hub where players can earn in-game rewards by completing quests
  2. Daily Lucky Spin – Iskra’s daily reward system allows users to earn free rewards, including Missions Cards. Collect a complete set, and you can win nice prizes. 

Who can earn on Iskra? 

Anyone who leverages the Iskra platform by using its services, features, and even games can earn rewards in proportion to their contribution. They can either be a:

  • A service provider, such as Iskra or a game studio that provides the platform or game services
  • A Pioneer who provides computing power to the Iskra platform by operating nodes via a Pioneer NFT
  • An explorer who has an Iskra account and uses various entertainment services in the Iskra ecosystem 

Users will earn Contribution Points (CP), which is a key indicator to determine the level of rewards a community member receives. In addition, there’s the Community Tier System, which ranks all members who earned CP into tiers. Their rankings are based on the CP they accrued in the previous season. So, someone’s tier status is seasonal. 

The tier status can influence community perks and benefits, such as platform and quest rewards. Moreover, there could also be service and event privileges. This Community Tier System is still in beta, and will be adjusted when needed. 

Iskra and its tokenomics

Iskra is an open games platform built to support a wide range of blockchain games and their game assets. All these different projects interconnect through Iskra, and to support this there are two tokens:

  1. ISK – the native utility and governance token
  2. P-NFT – the Pioneer NFT that gives holders the right to participate in the Iskra ecosystem as a node operator

You can only buy Pioneer NFTs using ISK. Basically all purchases in the Iskra ecosystem happen in ISK, but you can of course exchange it for other assets. 

While ISK also allows holders to vote on initiatives that govern the platform. Down the line the Iskra DAO will govern the platform, and you get governance rights by staking ISK and acquiring sISK. 

Where to buy ISK? 

The native ISK token of the Iskra platform can be purchased on a variety of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Among the centralized exchange we find platforms like Gate.io, MEXC, BiForex, ProBit, GoPAX and CoinOne. 

Those who prefer to take a decentralized approach, can swap their currencies for ISK through one of the following decentralized exchanges: 

Running an Iskra node with the Pioneer NFT

A P-NFT is a utility NFT that empowers holders to become node operators and foundational stakeholders in Iskra’s ecosystem. P-NFTs are also considered as the most valuable asset in the Iskra platform. Pioneer NFT holders are rewarded with ISK and CP in return for staking their P-NFT and operating a node. 

Initially priced at $6,000 when it was first released, P-NFT is backed by a dynamic pricing structure that means its price will steadily increase by $10 for every 20 P-NFTs sold. 

Iskra has sold 1,000 P-NFTs during the first round, while the second round is now underway. Interesting to know, the most recent P-NFT purchased sold for $8,720. 

To learn more about the technicalities of the node network, please refer to the Iskra whitepaper here.

Games coming to Iskra in 2024

Iskra has four highly-anticipated games that are slated for release in 2024:

Project F – Project F is a casual shooting game that introduces a unique underwater twist and promises an adventure like no other. It is developed by the seasoned Grampus CWC, the team behind the very successful cooking simulation game Norma in Metaland.

Atma: Battle of Souls – Atma is a supernatural techno-thriller RPG where players get to portray the role of a Seeker, one of the brave few who will harness humanity’s collective advancement in technology to wage a secret war against the unseen supernatural forces from beyond the veil. The game is developed by Agate, the largest game studio in Indonesia.

Juicy Adventure – Juicy Adventure is a casual third-person shooter game that whisks players into the enchanting world of Animal Forest, and using their character’s distinct powers, players will battle it out to see who will reign supreme in the kingdom. The game is also developed by Grampus CWC.

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse – Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is a FREE-to-play and play-to-earn strategy game that leverages the power of NFTs to bring to life various reward systems and DAO-governance schemes. Players get to create their own NFT draw machine using Gacha Contract, enjoy Land Festivals with users from all over the world, and engage in PvP battles against each other to earn rewards.

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