Introducing the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker

All you need to do is input your wallet address.

The world of blockchains and dapps is complicated enough, which is why DappRadar has launched its Portfolio Tracker

Supporting all Ethereum-based dapps and ERC20 tokens, it gives you a simple way to see what tokens and NFTs you have in your wallet, as well as providing a valuation. 

Free access

All you need to do is input your wallet’s address and it will display and value all your tokens in one section and all your NFTs in another. The token value is based on the current trading price, while the NFT value is calculated in terms of past trading. 

The tracker also provides information about the dapps you’ve interacted with and how much gas you’ve spent. 

In this way, we hope the Portfolio Tracker will provide actionable insights into your activities on Ethereum. 

Let Jon Jordan take you through the UX

Indeed, over time we’re going to be adding more functionality, including data for any DeFi dapps in which you hold collateral, debt, and – of course – any yield farming activities!

Other features to be added in due course will include special promotions and airdrops that become available from different dapp developers. 

In this way, we hope the Portfolio Tracker will become an integral part of your blockchain adventure. 

Check it out now.

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