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The main hub for everybody who’s farming airdrops in the Web3 ecosystem

DappRadar’s Airdrops Explorer offers an overview of potential airdrops, and helps you with step-by-step instructions on how to become eligible. On this new page we will add new guides on a regular basis, making it the one-stop shop for all airdrop farmers. 

Crypto and Web3 are complex worlds filled with opportunity. The story of airdrops basically started when Uniswap gave their UNI token to everybody who had been using their decentralized exchange before September 2020. Nowadays, the meta of airdrops farming involves complex actions across different chains, social media activities and point collecting.

In addition, there are many potential airdrops happening at any given time. Through the Airdrops Explorer we want to highlight the airdrops we consider the most worthy of your time. This can include complex, but rewarding airdrop farming processes. In addition there can be less complex airdrops that simply require some onchain activity over a period of time. 

Airdrop farming can result in nice rewards for our community members, but farming these airdrops through DappRadar also lets users level up their account. Users will earn XP, and climb the seasonal leaderboard. Every season top performers will win prizes, such as NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Why should you farm airdrops? 

Web3 and the blockchain industry are filled to the brim with opportunities, but you need to maintain a cool head and an all-seeing eye in order to manage all that. With the Airdrops Explorer on DappRadar, you get access to an overview of airdrops opportunities. Consistent new updates and additions will help you to spot new opportunities, while every airdrop listed on the page provides step-by-step guides on how to maximize your chances.

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Farming airdrops isn’t only a way to make some additional income, but it also forces you to go outside your comfort zone. Through airdrop farming you will discover new ecosystems and projects you otherwise would’ve never heard about. This, once again, is about the exploration of the multichain universe. 

Airdrops Explorer page explained

The Airdrops Explorer page gives you an overview of all airdrop guides available. For each of the airdrops we give an estimated launch date, while also sharing details about the likelihood and the difficulty of the actions required. 

Each of the airdrops consists of a select amount of actions, which we also show on the overview page. While the most right-sided column shows the number of DappRadar community members participating in a certain airdrop. Click on one of the airdrop guides from the list, and you will end up on the airdrop page. Here you will find a list of off-chain and onchain tasks to complete.

It’s important to note, once again, that these airdrop guides are about increasing the probability of you receiving an airdrop allocation. However, completing these guides doesn’t guarantee anything.

PRO members get more

Being a PRO member comes with a wide range of benefits, and this now also includes full access to all our airdrop guides. That supplements the already extensive list of rewarding features offered through the PRO membership.

Gamification and rewards

Completing these airdrop guides may earn you some extra crypto, who knows? But it will most certainly earn you XP. The Airdrops Explorer ties in with our gamification platform, which we introduced with our Quests system late last year. 

That also means that you can level up your account by completing farming actions for airdrops listed here on DappRadar. As you rise the leaderboards, you battle with thousands of other community members for the highest rankings, who will receive great prizes at the end of each season. 

Closing words

The Airdrops Explorer on DappRadar has instantly become the one-stop shop for all airdrop farmers. It presents a wealth of opportunities for those hunting for rewarding crypto airdrops, and of course only PRO members get full access to our guides. Dive into the airdrops listed in the Airdrops Explorer, and come back often for new guides, updates to existing ones, and recurring tasks to maximize the probability of you receiving that airdrop.

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