HyperSnakes is the #1 game on TRON

MIXMARVEL’s new arcade PVP game slithers to the top

MIXMARVEL’s Agar.io-meets-battle-royale-on-the-blockchain mash-up HyperSnakes has been live for a week and it’s already making its mark on the dapp rankings.

The Ethereum version of the game currently ranks #2 behind long-time leader My Crypto Heroes in terms of 24 hour users. It also ranks #2 in games behind CryptoKitties in terms of 24 hour ETH volume.

But it’s on TRON that HyperSnakes is really shaking things up.

It’s the #1 game in terms of 24 hour users, with 10 times the audience of second place TRON Birds. Indeed, amongst all TRON dapps, HyperSnakes currently ranks #2 by users.

Similarly, it’s the #1 game by a substantial margin in terms of volume, both over 24 hours and 7 days.

It’s TRONtastic

This is significant as despite the TRON mainnet going live in June 2018, few game dapps — whether new or ports of Ethereum dapps — have managed to build any momentum.

Notably, HyperSnakes is one of the first games that’s been supported by the $100 million TRON Arcade fund, which is designed to grow the ecosystem.

But what’s also interesting — as demonstrated by the volatility of its user and volume data on both chains — is how MIXMARVEL is actively driving engagement. As you expect, there was an activity peak at launch followed by another peak six days later.

This was the result of week-long special events, with the imToken wallet sponsoring the Ethereum version of the game and TRON Arcade the TRON version.

It will be fascinating to see how MIXMARVEL continues to build on this early momentum with more events, as well as to see how features such as the in-game token SnakeCoin, which is used for staking and gaining dividends, develop.

The game has also just launched on the Ontology blockchain; another source of users.

🐍 Play HyperSnakes on Ethereum

🐍 Play HyperSnakes on TRON

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