How to transfer NFTs on DappRadar

nft transfer

A step-by-step guide on sharing valuable digital assets with your friends

Everybody with NFTs in their Ethereum wallet can send these digital assets to a friend straight from the DappRadar platform. DappRadar is the place-to-be for everything related to DeFi and NFTs, and therefore we are introducing new functionalities all the time. The ability to transfer an NFT to a friend or colleague straight from your wallet, is one of the puzzle pieces for our bigger plan.

Let’s assume you already have an Ethereum wallet with a couple of NFTs in it. Perhaps you’ve used one of the key NFT marketplaces to buy these digital assets. Or maybe you’ve played a play-to-earn game to earn some. Let’s take a look at how you can make a friend happy, and send them one of your NFTs.

  1. Make sure you’ve got Metamask or another Web3 wallet installed. Go through the installation process, and create your own wallet. Your wallet address will look a bit like this: 0x123abc123abc123ABC123. Never reveal your private key or seed phrase.
  2. Go to the DappRadar Portfolio tracker
  3. Click the account button in the top right corner
  4. Sign up for an account, or login if you already have one
  5. You can login using Metamask, automatically connecting your Ethereum wallet
    While logging in, make sure pop-up blockers are disabled. 
  6. Once connected, go to the NFT page of your portfolio
  7. Click an NFT
  8. On the NFT page, you can click the pull-down menu (the 3 dots), and select Transfer NFT.
  9. You might need to login with your wallet here, confirming ownership over a specific wallet. If the wallet you’re using doesn’t contain the NFT you’ve selected, it will give an error. You might need to switch accounts either on DappRadar or in MetaMask. It would also be useful to make sure your MetaMask has been set to the right blockchain, in this case, Ethereum. 
  10. Fill in the full Ethereum wallet address i.e. 0xABC123abc123Abc123 or the ENS domain name, for example, dappradar.eth 
  11. Then press ‘Transfer Now’
  12. MetaMask will show a pop-up, and you need to confirm the transaction. Keep in mind, transactions on the Ethereum blockchain require a gas fee payment. Therefore you will need ETH in your wallet to cover those gas fees.
  13. Congratulations, your friend will now receive the NFT as soon as the blockchain has processed your transaction. This can take anywhere between 30 seconds up to a couple of minutes, depending on how busy it is. 

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