How to Swap Your Assets from F1 Delta Time to REVV Motorsport

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REVV Motorsport announced updates on how the exchange will happen

REVV Motorsport has new updates on how users can swap their old F1 Delta Time assets for ones with utility in the REVV ecosystem. The platform has been scrambling to satisfy its community ever since F1 Delta Time’s shock demise. Now people can exchange their useless NFTs and will get new staking options.


Ever since news came of F1 Delta Time’s unfortunate demise, holders of the platform’s in-game assets have been asking how they can exchange them for something useful. A few people may want to hold onto their Formula-1 car NFTs as keepsakes, but most people want to swap them for something productive.

REVV Motorsport’s update

The REVV Motorsport team has finally announced how holders of F1 Delta Time assets can swap them in for items to use in the REVV ecosystem. Whoever holds a car NFT can convert them into special Race Passes.

Users with Race Passes can participate in high-reward staking programs and are eligible for exclusive airdrops and minting events.
Anyone holding unopened Keys or Crates can convert them into assets which they can then stake and earn Shard (SHRD). Shard is the in-game currency users earn for playing games in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. Read more about Shard here.

How users can make the swap

As things stand, the asset swap is not an automated system. The REVV Motorsport team will be monitoring the assets as they’re sent to a specific Ethereum address. Based on what they receive, they will mint a new and equivalent asset which they will then airdrop to the sender as an NFT.

REVV Motorsport plans to create a swapping tool within its website with an automated system where users can exchange their old item for a new one. Until that’s up and running, people will need to send their old F1 Delta Time NFTs to the following address:


You can find the address here on Etherscan, so you can always see where your assets have gone. You can also keep an eye on which wallet is holding them and what they are doing with them. 

Airdrops for car swaps are scheduled for May 2022 and users will be able start using them in REVV Racing in June 2022. As REVV Motorsport assets, holders will be able to use them across the REVV ecosystem in the future.

Important note: this receiving address will always remain the same. Do not send your assets to any other wallet.

What users will get in exchange

F1 Delta Time featured lots of different NFTs, and therefore the team will distribute plenty of new ones. Here’s an overview of what players can receive in exchange for their old F1 Delta Time assets.


For anyone holding an F1 Delta Time racing car, there are a total of 90 new car variants which you might receive in exchange. The metadata and visuals of the new models vary, depending on their rarity and season.

Depending on the year of your F1 Delta Time vehicle, the new car you receive proportionally improved stats; the older your previous car, the better your new one.

Type SR-1 from REVV Racing

When a holder trades in their existing Delta Time car NFT, they will get a Race Pass, as well as the new car NFT, as part of the exchange. Once the swap period ends on 30th June, 2022, a six-month staking period starts. There will be an initial staking pool of 20,000,000 REVV.

F1 Delta Time cars are still available on secondary marketplaces so anyone can buy one and swap it in for a newly-minted REVV Motorsport NFT.

The REVV Motorsport team has made it explicit that while users’ newly-swapped assets will only be available to use in REVV Racing and Formula E: High Voltage to begin with, the entire REVV Motorsport will soon open up. People holding REVV NFTs should soon be able to use them across multiple games.

Proxy assets

Users holding F1 Delta Time drivers, parts, gear, tyres and event segments can trade them in for proxy assets. These are NFTs that players can later use to redeem, mint or swap for other, similar assets within the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. 

Players can F1 Delta Time tyres for REVV Motorsport tyres, or they can swap a suspension in the old game for a new one that works in the REVV ecosystem. The level of rarity of a proxy asset impacts what a player can exchange it for. The rarer the old one, the better the new one.

2019 Legendary Soft Tyre Voucher Image

REVV Motorsport and F1 Delta Time

The REVV Motorsport ecosystem is built on the Polygon network. Its native token REVV has been through peaks and troughs since it launched back in September 2020, and is currently going through a down period. 

REVV Motorsport is a GameFi and play-to-earn ecosystem that uses REVV as their native token. The following titles comprise its ecosystem:

Other games that are rumored to soon be included in the REVV Motorsport stable are:

It is backed by the blockchain VC company Animoca Brands that has interests in The Sandbox, Decentraland, Dapper Labs, Benji Bananas and many others. So, theoretically, anyone invested in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem could get access to cross-partnership experiences with some of the most exciting platforms in web3.

Go to our rankings for Polygon game dapps and see where REVV Racing currently sits. You can also use DappRadar’s Token Explorer to see how REVV performs. We’ll also be checking back in on the REVV Motorsport story as it unfolds so stay tuned to our blog and Twitter feed.

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