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Access the popular virtual world via VR or Desktop

Somnium Space is a highly immersive social virtual world with its economy and ownership tied to the blockchain. It’s also the location for our loading event. In this article, we will show you how to access the popular platform via web, PC, and VR. Users employ a variety of tools in order to create and consume various types of experiences.

The Somnium Space economy has already surpassed more than $15 million of traded goods and services among its players, with thousands of users entering the platform on a monthly basis. The easiest way to enter Somnium Space is via web browser as well as through PC 2D and VR clients.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick tour of the Somnium Space map so you can get a better feel for the place. 

Three ways to experience Somnium Space

The first, and most basic way is by using the web browser. Available to both PC and Mac users. No download, registration, or installation is required. However, when using web access you are inside a limited Somnium World, and you will not be interacting in real-time with other people.

What you see here is vastly different from what full VR users see. For example, the Tron club, built by the founder of Somnium himself. Is one of the most epic and built-out parcels on the platform, on the web version however it ends up looking very simple. 

how to somnium space
Tron Club in Web Browser
how to somnium space
Tron Club in Full VR

How to setup Somnium Space WITHOUT a VR headset

You can play Somnium Space without VR like classic games, they call it 2D. It’s not really a 2D game, but a third-person view. Players can then enjoy Somnium Space life with other 2D and VR players. Talking, exploring, and participating in events.

how to somnium space

Use the video below to guide you through setting up an account and installing the PC client.

How to setup Somnium Space WITH a VR headset

NOTE: Somnium Space can be used with Oculus and ViVi headsets. 

First, follow the steps above to create an account and download the PC client software. There are several things you need to do before being able to roam freely around Somnium Space utilizing your VR headset: 

  1. Download Steam and create an account. 
  2. Download Steam VR
  3. Default Steam VR resolution can be too high for your graphics card. The best way to improve performance is to reduce the VR resolution. The video below shows how to change VR resolution: 
  1. Access your desktop in VR.
  • Some software exists to access your desktop in VR.
  • You have a floating window that you can interact with. 
  • You can then access your desktop app in VR (Discord, internet, OBS, etc)

OVR Toolkit:

Another that works well is:

  1. Launch Somnium Space in VR Mode
how to somnium space

Once you have the Somnium Space client installed on your PC, and have created an account, you are ready to explore Somnium Space, either in 2D mode or Virtual Reality. 

The software will guide you through the simple process of creating an avatar. Select Use this Avatar, close the window, and launch VR or 2D to enter the world. In order to get the best experience from any virtual blockchain world, you should also download and install MetaMask, a free digital wallet, on your browser. 

For a full in-depth how to guide on customizing all aspects of Somnium VR click here

Metaverse future 

According to LimeLight research video gamers spend an average of six hours, 20 minutes each week playing games. Over 32% play more than seven hours each week, with 17 percent playing more than 12 hours a week. Imagine when a percentage of those gamers find out they can earn money for their time spent on platforms like Somnium Space. With coronavirus currently wreaking havoc on global travel; VR worlds such as Somnium Space, AltSpace, VRChat, Rumii, and Engage, are quickly becoming the go-to platforms for workforce meetups and remote social interaction. How long until they become the default places we meet, hang out, and socialize

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