How to Play and Win: Genopets

how to play and win genopets

The move-to-earn Solana game where nurturing NFT owners prosper

Genopets is one of the most successful games on the Solana blockchain. Since it launched in 2021, fans of the game have enjoyed the killer graphics, wide array of in-game Web3 features and the chance to nurture a ferocious Genopet from infancy up to full adulthood. It was one of the first games to bring in move-to-earn and now they’ve added even more features.

Last updated on 11 April 2023


Genopets is set to expand to the Bitcoin network with their new Bitcoin Babies NFT collection, introducing unprecedented cross-chain functionality and game utility.

Launching on Bitcoin Ordinals through Magic Eden, the popular multi-chain launchpad and marketplace, this collection allows Gold Baby Genopet Bitcoin NFTs to be used in the Genopets move-to-earn app.

So far in 2023, Genopets has been focusing on new ways to nurture your Genopet avatar, with the main development being the new Feed & Fetch functionality.

This upgrade to the feeding function means one of the key parts of the game, helping your Genopet grow, has just become a lot more interactive. The final step is Augmentation upgrades, when players will be able to fully customize the pets by swapping out all sorts of different body parts.

Say hello to your little friend

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a unique Free-To-Play Web3 game that operates on a Move-To-Earn model, rewarding users with cryptocurrencies based on their physical activity. Your Genopet is a digital companion that grows and evolves alongside you.

As you engage in physical activities like walking or running, you will earn steps that can be utilized to level up your pet. This can give you an edge in battles within the game, making it an exciting and immersive experience.

It launched in November 2021 and Genopet NFTs originally went on sale for the price of 1 SOL. It’s built on the Solana blockchain which means it benefits from low transaction costs.

How do you get started in the game?

It’s fairly simple to start playing Genopets. You’ll need a Solana Web3 wallet, which you should fill with a small amount of SOL. This is so you can confirm blockchain transactions.

  1. Visit the official Genopets website and click the “Play” button.
  2. Create a new account by providing your email address, username, and password.
  3. Once you have created an account, log in to the game using your username and password.
  4. Next, you’ll need to create your first Genopet. Choose a species that you like and customize its appearance by selecting different colors, patterns, and features.
  5. After creating your first Genopet, you can start exploring the game world, battling other players’ Genopets, and completing quests to earn GENE and KL tokens.
  6. As you progress through the game, you can use the GENE and KL you earn to purchase new Genopets, equipment, and upgrades.
  7. You can also earn KI Tokens by converting your daily steps into energy, which can be used to refine crystals, craft items, and create new habitats.
  8. Finally, you can participate in special events, such as seasonal NFT drops and treasure hunts, to earn exclusive rewards and items.

How to play and win Genopets

As a player

Nurture and evolution

The tradition of nurturing, training, and playing with digital pet companions has been a staple in the gaming genre for some time. In Genopets, these mechanics are utilized to incentivize you to remain active.

The Genopets Crafting & Nurture process

As you convert your daily steps into energy and XP, your Genopet will grow stronger, level up, and evolve. XP is a value recorded in the Genopet’s NFT metadata, which determines its rarity on-chain.

The higher the level of your Genopet, the more XP it has, the better its in-game abilities, and the rarer it becomes.


The goal of Genopets is to promote healthy habits and enhance your daily life. You can use the energy you earn each day to participate in battles with other players from around the world.

These battles include turn-based combat and mini-games, which provide engaging gameplay while remaining accessible and casual. By participating in Genopet battles, you can challenge other players while improving your cognitive skills such as reaction time and memory.

Habitat terraforming

A crucial element of the game is the capability to terraform, meaning that Habitat owners can create new Habitats through minting or breeding, which can then be sold or leased to other players.

Genopets land and crystals

Owning a Habitat allows players to generate revenue by either selling the Habitats to other players or renting them out to those who wish to utilize a Habitat without purchasing their own.


When a Habitat is rented out, the respective owner can grant renters two roles at their discretion: Harvester and Alchemist. Players can be granted either one or both roles, and owners can establish rates and royalties for each.

The Harvester role enables the player to convert Energy to KI token, while the Alchemist role grants the player the ability to craft other game items, such as augments, nurture items, and power-ups, in the form of NFTs and SFTs.

As an earner

Trade Genopets

Players can earn money by selling Genopet NFTs that they own. The value of the NFTs can increase as demand for them rises, allowing players to sell them for a profit. Players can also earn money by breeding and selling Genopet NFTs that are rare or have desirable traits.

Rent out your Habitat

As mentioned earlier, owning a Habitat allows players to earn money by renting it out to other players who want to utilize a Habitat without purchasing their own. By renting out their Habitat, players can earn KI tokens, which can be converted to cryptocurrency or used to purchase in-game items.

Crafting and selling in-game items

Crafting and selling in-game items: Players can earn money by crafting and selling in-game items, such as augments, nurture items, and power-ups. To craft these items, players need the Alchemist role, which can be granted by the Habitat owner. Players can then sell these items to other players for KI tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

What makes the game innovative?


Genopets is more than just a game where you stay active. It’s a Move-to-Earn game where players can benefit from their physical activity by converting their steps into Energy, which is used as fuel for all gameplay.

A wild Genopet sales serenely through the air

Building a strong relationship with your digital pet is at the heart of the game, as your pet’s development and progress is closely tied to your own. Through taking care of and exploring with your Genopet, you can earn rewards and discover new experiences in the game.


The Genopets game employs a two-token system consisting of KI and GENE Token, each with their unique role and usefulness within the game.


The GENE Token serves several purposes within the Genopets game, including governance, staking, and in-game crafting. Players can stake GENE to receive rewards and perks, such as access to private beta, seasonal NFT drops, and energy boosts.

GENE token

GENE can also be used for exclusive Genesis Drops, which include seasonal NFT sales, treasure hunts, and partnership drops. Additionally, staking GENE may enable players to participate in future governance voting on matters such as token emissions and game mechanics.


The KI Token functions as an in-game utility token in Genopets, with habitat owners having the ability to harvest KI by converting energy from their daily steps. KI Tokens are used in a variety of ways, with each use resulting in the token being burned, and there is a daily earning cap.

One use for KI Tokens is in crystal refinement, where players can refine crystals using KI Tokens to increase the lifespan of their habitat and produce crafting ingredients. Additionally, KI Tokens can be combined with refined crystals in a habitat’s lab to start crafting and create in-game items and power-ups.

Finally, KI Tokens are used in terraforming, where players can create additional habitats by combining KI Tokens, GENE Tokens, refined crystals, and a Terraform Seed, which can be used, sold, or rented to other players on the market.

Land and NFTs

In order to participate in the Web3 aspect of the game and earn KI as well as craft items, owning a Habitat land NFT is necessary. There are four methods for obtaining a Habitat:

  1. Marketplace purchase – Habitats can be bought on Magic Eden.
  1. In-app Marketplace purchase – Players will be able to purchase Habitats and other game items within the app.
  1. Terraform – As a Habitat owner, it is possible to mint a new Habitat using a Terraform seed, refined crystals, GENE, and KI. Terraformed Habitats will start at Level 1.
  1. Rent – It is possible to rent a Habitat from another player who has one in order to Harvest KI and Craft.

Genopets, the main in-game avatars, come in the form of NFTs and you’ll need one to play the game. They act as your very own “spirit animal” within the game, and they grow and mature as you, the owner, move around more in the real world, hence the term move-to-play.

You can either get your Genopet for free, or buy one on a Solana marketplace, like Magic Eden. If you get one for free, you’ll need to build it up from infancy. The are 77 levels of growth, with 12 distinct levels of evolution.


In 2023, players will be able to:

  • Explore the Open World of Genopets.
  • Experience an Epic Story with Quests.
  • Engage in Multiplayer & Team Battles.
  • Craft & Terraform in App.
  • Connect with Additional Health Sensors.

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