How to Play, Win and Earn in WorldWideWebb

WorldWideWebb guide to play and earn
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Welcome the WorldWideWebb, a dystopian cyberpunk city that combines MMOs with NFTs and Web3

This is a complete guide for the metaverse game world of WorldWideWebb, explaining how to play the game and how to earn items.

What is WorldWideWebb

WorldWideWebb is a browser-based metaverse game world in which players can use a wide variety of NFTs to compete for rare game items and participate in virtual events. You can compare WorldWideWebb with a traditional MMORPG, as players do quests, interact with NPCs and compete for game items. 

How is WorldWideWebb different from competing dapps? 

WorldWideWebb isn’t trying to deliver a highly detailed game world such as HELIX, or a heavy realistically stylized metaverse such as Decentraland. Instead WorldWideWebb presents itself in 2D with pixelated graphics, reminding us of classic MMORPGs such as Ultimate Online. 

However, WorldWideWebb has a science-fiction and dystopian atmosphere, while its NPCs are powered by artificial intelligence. Moreover, the developers have put in lots of effort to make WorldWideWebb inviting hundreds of other NFT communities. The game supports many NFTs, ranging from CryptoPunks to Bored Apes, and from Metakrew to LarvaLads. 

What can I do in WorldWideWebb?

WorldWideWebb not only offers a somewhat funny, and interesting story line, but it’s also a social hub for events. Moreover, the game world offers various gameplay modes, in which players can compete for highscores or work together in the Blockbusterz mini game in order to win prizes.

Where to download WorldWideWebb?

There’s no downloadable app for WorldWideWebb yet. Players can play WorldWideWebb by connecting their wallet to their web browser. Every game inside WorldWideWebb gets loaded within the game world itself, creating a smooth gameplay experience. 

How do I get started with WorldWideWebb?

  1. To play WorldWideWebb, simply go to the official dapp website
  2. Press “Play Beta”
  3. Wait for the game to load, and then log in using either your wallet or your email address.
  4. Log in using your wallet, confirm / sign the wallet signature.
  5. You will now enter Chain City, the main hub of WorldWideWebb.

Have fun! 

What is the WorldWideWebb marketplace 

Most assets for WorldWideWebb exist on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that these assets can be traded on OpenSea, Blur and other NFT marketplaces. The cheapest land in WorldWideWebb sells for 0.12 ETH at the current market rate. 

However, the team also launched WebbMart, an in-game trading center. On this WorldWideWebb marketplace players can trade in-game resources. Game items can also be found on OpenSea, where the cheapest currently costs 0.28 ETH. 

What NFT, assets and tokens do I need for WorldWideWebb? 

Players don’t need any NFT or game item in order to play WorldWideWebb. However, through active participation, gamers can win NFTs. These game items then give players access to exclusive content, or allow them to customize their avatar. 

What can I do with Land NFTs in WorldWideWebb? 

In WorldWideWebb players with a land NFT get access to an apartment. These NFT apartments for WorldWideWebb come in different sizes, and therefore different price tags. Owning an apartment allows the landowner to create a service, for example, to craft items. 

What will WorldWideWebb launch, and what’s on the roadmap?

WorldWideWebb has published a roadmap in May 2023, revealing their plans for the remainder of the year. The metaverse game world will introduce many new zones, and there are plans for an Overworld. Further down the line towards the end of the year, the team plans to introduce dungeons, raid bosses, co-op gameplay, and eventually a full-fledged MMORPG. 

WorldWideWebb likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, and this shows in its ambition to use artificial intelligence or AI. For example, NPC dialogues are powered by AI, and the team has plans to add AI into the lore of the game world and create a game demo using AI.

WorldWideWebb roadmap for 2023

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