How to Play, Win and Earn in Cowboy Battle Royale Game GRIT

How to Play Win Earn GRIT Web3 game battle royale
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The ultimate guide for the Wild West game of Web3

The Wild West becomes real in Web3, and in this guide we will tell you all about how to play, win and earn in the battle royale game GRIT. For now, put the gun in your holster, saddle your horse, and let’s explore the dangerous lands of this cowboy game. 

What is GRIT? 

GRIT is a battle royale game set in the frontier of the old West. Players can saddle up their horse, pick a gun, and battle for victory. GRIT features multiple game modes, ranging from shootouts in the town square to the dusty plains of the frontier, where the only sign of civilization is the Pacific Rail.

What features does GRIT offer? 

Just like most battle royale games, GRIT offers features such as the ability to play together with friends, or gamers can try to survive on their own. There are 3 types of battle royale modes:

  • Solo
  • Pair (2 players)
  • Posse (teams)

Can I play GRIT for free? 

Yes, GRIT is a free-to-play battle royale game. But you do need a Gala Games account in order to play. 

How can I earn in GRIT? 

Gamers can earn game items in GRIT by being successful in the battle royale mode. You can earn based on your success. Players can unlock more earning potential by buying a Generative Hero NFT or the GRIT Battle Pass. 

However, earnings have not been enabled yet. 

Where can I download GRIT? 

GRIT is available in the Epic Games Store, and through the Gala Games platform. 

How do I get started playing GRIT? 

  1. Make a Gala Games account
  2. Download the game, and install it to your PC
  3. After installing, simply load the game to start playing

How to change your GRIT server location?

When launching a game of GRIT, players can pick their game mode. In the bottom right corner players can find the server options. Here players can pick a server that’s closest to their region. The closer the server is to your home, the lower the latency and better the connection. 

What game items, NFTs or tokens can I buy from GRIT? 

  • Generative Characters – These NFTs allow you to play as an entirely unique character and customize their look. Generative Hero NFTs allow you to own your gunslinger and access cosmetic loadout slots, increased earning potential, and more.
  • Weapon Cards – Weapons can be found in various rarities, and the more rare they are the more charges they have. 

What is the most popular marketplace for GRIT game items? 

Through the Gala Games marketplace, players can acquire various game items. These digital items can be consumed, but there are also permanent items. The Gala Games Store offers only primary sales, while OpenSea is right now your best bet for the secondary market. 

When purchasing on the Gala Games Store, you will need some GALA tokens. Click the button below to top up your GALA balance. You can also view the real-time performance of GALA on the same page. 

What does the GRIT roadmap look like?

GRIT started as a classic battle royale game, until Gala Games acquired the project. Now the team implemented NFTs and they are working on earning mechanics. Despite the release of the game in May 2023, GRIT isn’t finished yet. Things the team will still be working on:

  • Earning mechanics and fine-tuning these systems
  • Tweaking and balancing weapons

Depending on the success of the game, we can speculate that GRIT will get more maps, cosmetics and player mechanics in the future. These developments have not been confirmed yet by the team. 

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