How to Play Ultimate Champions and Use CHAMP Tokens

How to Play Ultimate Champions and Use CHAMP Tokens
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The ultimate guide to become the Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions is a fantasy football game in which players pick their player cards to earn points. Gamers can collect cards, earn CHAMP tokens and in-game currencies, while playing together with the community or their own group of friends. 

Originally Ultimate Champions launched on the Polygon blockchain, but then migrated to BNB Chain in Q4 2022. The fantasy football game lets players compete using digital collectible cards to earn more cards, tokens and in-game currencies. They can then use their rewards to obtain more cards or trade existing cards on the marketplace. 

Ultimate Champions uses collectible cards based on real football players. The game lets players enjoy the game for free using collectible digital cards, but the common cards can’t be sold on the marketplace. However, players can win in-game currencies or buy card packs to get NFT cards. Once players start collecting NFTs, more types of tournaments open up to them as well. 

The game rewards for Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions allows players to win various prizes, depending on the cards they own and the time or money they’ve already spent on the game. 

  • CHAMP – a crypto token used to purchase Ultimate Cards and cards from the marketplace.
  • MGC – the in-game currency you can earn from playing the game. Can’t be traded. 100 MGC equals $1. 
  • Common cards – these digital cards have an infinite supply and can’t be traded.
  • NFT cards – these collectibles have a limited supply and can be traded.

How to get started with Ultimate Champions

You don’t need to invest any money to enjoy Ultimate Champions. Through determination and smart moves you can earn in-game currency and cards to improve your chances of winning. Ultimately you can then win NFT cards and CHAMP tokens. 

DappRadar tracks Ultimate Champions

Here’s how you get started playing Ultimate Champions:

  1. Create an account for Ultimate Champions using your email address
  2. Ultimate Champions will create a wallet in the background
  3. As a new manager you receive a fictional budget to pick 11 cards (1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 forwards). These are all non-NFT cards. 
  4. Now go to the Leagues game mode to register your team for the upcoming gameweek.
  5. You will earn points every gameweek, which unlock rewards. Having good results also gives you rewards. Earn enough points and you will earn NFT cards or CHAMP.
  6. Once you own enough NFT cards, you will unlock more game modes with NFT and crypto prices. 

What is CHAMP?

You don’t need CHAMP to play Ultimate Champions, but the token does allow you to purchase the better and more valuable NFT cards. These NFT cards give you more points, opening up more earning opportunities. In addition, when you have enough NFT cards you will unlock more leagues and competitions to join. So, CHAMP is a useful token in the Ultimate Champions ecosystem. 

Anybody can purchase CHAMP through the in-game swap page, but of course you can also use DappRadar’s own token swap. Just make sure you are using the same wallet both here on DappRadar and in Ultimate Champions. 

DappRadar tracks Ultimate Champions and CHAMP

You can use CHAMP in the following situations:

  • CHAMP is a reward for top performers in Leagues, Tournaments and the upcoming game mode Clash. 
  • Players can use CHAMP to purchase Premium Packs or other cards from the Marketplace. 
  • In the near future Ultimate Champions will introduce a Staking mechanic, while staking will boost game rewards.  

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