How to Play and Win: Cradles: Origin of Species

how to play and win: cradles: origin of species

Cutting-edge MMORPG where Time is the main resource

Cradles: Origin of Species is taking the open-world gaming concept to the next level. Freedom, player contribution and innovation are the main goals of this community-based project. The development team behind Cradles is thinking beyond linear storylines and strict guidelines. In this game, even Time doesn’t go in a straight line. 


The world in Cradles: Origin of Species is one that has largely forgotten the human species. Time has moved on from the current age and it’s up to the players to build a new home and civilization that can shelter the descendants of Earth’s former masters.

What is Cradles: Origin of Species?

Cradles: Origin of Species is a blockchain-based MMORPG developed by DRepublic. It’s set in a decaying metaverse where the environment and structures deteriorate over time and certain assets gain additional value.

The open-world metaverse is divided into two main regions: the main city, a safe area for players to thrive and develop, which is further divided into seven cities with unique histories and legends, and the adventure zone, a wild open area where players can encounter extinct predators.

A fortified castle stuck in time

This game is subscription-based, meaning players don’t need to purchase NFTs and can instead buy a monthly game card to play. P2P transactions within the metaverse will not incur any transaction fees, keeping the in-game market active.

The game also offers a Stake In NFTs (SIN) mechanism where players can earn extra in-game rewards and live streamers can ask their viewers to SIN on their behalf for a competitive edge.

How to get started in the game

  1. Go to the Cradles: Origin of Species website

Take a look around the platform, read their latest blog post and take a look at the latest news related to Cradles.

  1. Register for the game

Click on the Register button on the front page of the website. You’ll need to connect your Web3 wallet before you register. Choose your username and password.

  1. Click on Download

Click on Download and the game will automatically download to your computer. Once you’ve done this, open the game up and follow the instructions to start playing. However, the game is currently still in development and therefore the servers to Cradles aren’t open all the time.

How to play and win Cradles

As a gamer

Novice Missions

Cradles is a game that starts by introducing players to basic tasks and guides them through completing them step by step. Players are able to select their birthplace and are rewarded for completing tasks such as hunting beasts and protecting the village.

As players progress through the game, they will learn the basics of Cradles and be able to hunt and earn on their own. However, in order to safely explore the wild, players will need to purchase weapons and equipment in the in-game shop and acquire healing potions. Novice equipment is only suitable for hunting ordinary monsters and may not be sufficient for exploring the wild.

Cradles encourages players to explore the vast wild world and discover hidden gems, equipment, and other materials that are randomly generated in different locations. While the main goal is not to earn profits, the game does provide several ways for players to earn by exploring the world.

City Governance

City Missions in the game come in various forms, such as helping cats come down from trees, finding lost dogs, repairing NPC homes, catching thieves, and fixing electric wires. These missions can be offered by official agencies, NPCs, or other players.

Everything is possible in Cradles

By completing these missions, players can earn a large number of crystals in the city. Additionally, as players contribute to maintaining a balance in the governance index of all main cities, the total rewards for all cities will increase as a recognition of the players’ efforts.

Ecosystem Governance

In the wild world of the game, there are interdependent relationships between different creatures. Players can access the Ecosystem function to check the health of the area they are in and the game will suggest specific species to hunt in order to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

By hunting these species, players can improve the ecological balance of the game world and earn a large number of crystals as a reward.


The game world of Cradles is filled with hazards, players need to fend off against wild animals and also defend against other players. In the lawless wilderness, players are able to attack each other.

When a player successfully kills another player, a portion of their crystals will drop randomly and can be picked up by the victor, increasing their wealth.

The Wanted Index, a measure of a player’s success in the wild area, will also increase for the victor, making them a target for other players as the bounty on their head becomes more valuable. Players are in control of the risks they take in the game.

Player vs. Environment

Players can engage in player-versus-environment (PvE) gameplay in the wild world, where they must face aggressive and dangerous species. They can earn crystals by hunting neutral species while keeping the ecosystem in balance.

Cradles is customizable

However, if they hunt too many endangered species, a bounty will be placed on them. Cradles encourages players to hunt a variety of species to maintain ecological balance and earn income from hunting activities.

Homeland Defense War

In the game world of Cradles, players will be faced with challenges. Typically, the main city and adventure zones are kept separate, with wild animals and monsters not posing a threat to human settlements.

However, when influenced by dark forces, some creatures may become aggressive and launch attacks on the city, causing destruction. Players must defend the main city during these times of crisis.

If they succeed in repelling multiple waves of attacks without any damage to the city, they will be rewarded with crystals and Ultimate Prop rewards. Defending the homeland is a great opportunity for players to earn both money and reputation.

As an earner

Staking into NFTs (SIN)

The SIN mechanism allows players to earn additional in-game currency and bigger rewards. Live streamers will also be rewarded with a significant amount of tokens. They can ask their viewers to stake on their behalf, giving them a competitive advantage.

Be an influencer

Cradles plans to develop an influencer platform where organizations or individuals can submit game content to be added to the game. Once the content is approved by the game team and community, it will be added to the game and the profits will be distributed accordingly.

The Cradles team will receive a small percentage of the profits while the majority will go to the content creator. This system not only allows the use of characters and brand products, but also allows the creators to sell their content and earn profits, encouraging them to develop content for Cradles’ world.

Additionally, influencers can also participate in this system by streaming the game, with fans able to purchase game props from their channel. Cradles will only charge a small fee for this service. This mechanism enables Cradles to gather a large number of IPs and influencers, leading to a new era of blockchain gaming.



DRPC, the DRepublic Coin, is the currency of the DRepublic platform. It can be used to purchase tickets for Cradles’ games and other game releases. Only players with the admission ticket NFT can access the game, and the platform currency is generated through auctions and pools.

“Leaked” footage of the game

Users who hold DRPC can stake or provide liquidity to earn more coins. The DeFi mechanism of the platform coin can bring significant profits to players and enhance their game experience.

Additionally, DRPC can be used to buy physical souvenir NFTs on the DRepublic platform, such as models of prehistoric creatures and legendary weapons. Each physical souvenir will come with additional virtual NFTs for in-game enjoyment.

ERC-3664 token standard

This token standard gives the Cradles ecosystem more flexibility so that it can keep developing into the future. Planets and worlds will be developed to the ERC-3664 standard, meaning players need to work together to alter them and bring order to the Cradles ecosystem.

ERC-3664 extends ERC-1155 and divides the attributes of game NFTs into four categories:

  1. General changeable attributes: usually basic attributes such as attack power and life value that can be increased or decreased.
  2. Transferable attributes: attributes that can be transferred to other NFTs in the event of destruction or other circumstances.
  3. Upgradeable attributes: attributes that can be upgraded for a fee and result in an increase in level and other attribute values.
  4. Evolvable attribute: attributes that may evolve automatically over time, simulating the time-varying characteristics of real-world attributes.


Cradles is a community-based game that encourages players, developers, and designers to join and contribute their unique ideas and talents to the game. To facilitate this process, Cradles has introduced two community governance proposals and set aside 25% of token rights for developers participating in Cradles Together activities.

These activities include design, modeling, CG, and game development categories, and as the game progresses, Cradles will select the best community partners to help build the decentralized world of Cradles.

Additionally, participants in the game’s development will have the opportunity to include “Easter Eggs” in the game, which will be gradually discovered as the game progresses, providing entertainment for future players.

AI Technology

The game features various character interactions and battles, utilizing reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence in its framework. Reinforcement learning is particularly important in the game as creatures must constantly learn how to attack and gather resources in the game’s world.

Time isn’t linear so prepare for dinosaurs

This technology greatly enhances the overall gameplay experience. Additionally, the community and miners can earn rewards by providing computing power for the AI model, acting as game data and communication nodes.

Cradles not only uses AI to enhance the game; it also empowers the community and offers additional rewards.

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