How to Play and Win: REVV Racing

How to Play and Earn_ REVV Racing

A blockchain racing simulator from Animoca Brands

In the world of Web3, REVV Racing is already a classic that lets users play and win REVV tokens. It’s a fast-paced car racing simulator that will be familiar to anyone who played Forza, Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. It’s backed by Animoca Brands and gives users access to the company’s vast ecosystem of interoperable games.


What is REVV Racing?

REVV Racing is a blockchain-based game that allows players to race cars against one another on various tracks in high-performance vehicles. It launched on August 11, 2021 and is hosted on Polygon.

It’s a play-to-earn game, meaning players can potentially earn REVV tokens by competing in races and achieving certain outcomes.

REVV Racing trailer

The REVV token can be used within the game for various purposes, such as purchasing cars, entering races, or staking to earn rewards.

REVV Racing is part of a larger ecosystem of blockchain-based motorsport games developed by Animoca Brands, which also includes titles like F1 Delta Time.

How to get started on REVV Racing

1. Install Metamask and add the Polygon network

You’ll need a Web3 wallet before starting with REVV Racing. DappRadar’s guide to Metamask wallets explains everything you need to know about them. Once you have your wallet, configure it to work on Polygon.

2. Get REVV and MATIC

Next, you must buy some REVV and MATIC. You need this to pay for transactions and buy game assets such as cars.

REVV is mainly used for paying race entry fees, while MATIC is used to pay transaction fees on the Polygon network, also known as gas.

3. Buy one or more cars

Once you have some MATIC in your wallet, head over to OpenSea, a secondary marketplace for digital items. Search for REVV Racing and you’ll be presented with a list of cars for purchase. Make sure you select the verified account with the blue checkmark. You can explore different car collections with different rarities by using the filters on the left.

Most cars are listed in ETH while some are listed in REVV. Make sure you have enough tokens to buy your desired cars. Alternatively, if you don’t want to trade in cryptocurrencies, OpenSea also allows you to buy with a credit or debit card.

4. Now register your account for REVV Racing

Go to the official website and create your account. You will also need to verify your account. REVV Racing does this to prevent bots from invading their game and taking advantage of the play-to-earn features. Many Web3 gaming platforms put KYC measures in place so their economies remain stable and open for everyone.

This step is optional, but only verified players will be able to enter tournaments and win awards. To verify your account, scroll down to the bottom of REVV Racing page and click on ‘Player Verification’ and follow all the steps. You can still experience the game without verification by playing it in practice mode.

5. Ready to race and earn REVV

Once you’ve done all of this, you’re ready to practice, enter tournaments, earn REVV tokens and earn in-game racing items and collectibles.

How to play REVV Racing

Like any racing game, the basics of this one are simple: steer your car around the track and cross the finish line first.

On a computer keyboard:

  • W is accelerate
  • S is brake
  • A and D to steer left and right
How to play REVV Racing

Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to move and steer.

The main competition format in REVV Racing is their tournament series. Players compete against thousands of opponents to claim first place. You need five REVV tokens to enter, and these entry fees form a large part of the final prize pool.

Some tournaments have bigger prize pools than other ones, so make sure you keep an eye on the schedule to have a chance to win the big rewards.

REVV Oji is here

REVV Racing game tokens

The primary rewards for event performance are REVV tokens. REVV also acts as the core utility token of purchase, being used to enter gameplay modes and compete in events.

REVV tokens

REVV Token has a total supply of 3,000,000,000 tokens. It has been initially designated for the debut titles that will utilize the token, including MotoGP™ and Formula E: High Voltage. For upcoming titles, the allocation will be sourced from the REVV Reserve (950,000,000 tokens).

Here’s how you can acquire REVV tokens:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Check major cryptocurrency exchanges that list a wide range of tokens. Some exchanges where REVV is listed include, KuCoin, MEXC Global, and others. The availability can vary, so you’d need to check the current listings on these platforms or on the exchange of your choice.
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): Platforms like Uniswap or Sushiswap, which operate on the Ethereum blockchain, might have liquidity pools that include the REVV token, allowing for decentralized trading.
  • Official Channels: The official website also provides details on where and how to buy it. In this case, they provide a link to buy MATIC from Moonpay. You can then swap some MATIC into REVV using Quickswap.

Every vehicle in REVV Racing is an NFT, varying in rarity and capability, spanning from the basic Common level up to the elite Apex category. Apart from one Apex vehicle and a few select Legendary ones, most of the current cars are of the Common category. However, this changes with the Fusion System and the introduction of the currencies SHRD and CATA.

SHRD (Shards) and CATA (Catalysts)

To get CATA tokens, racers need to complete laps on the REVV Racing track. Using SHRD tokens players can create CATA. Shards are earned based directly on how many races you have completed in REVV Racing. More specifically, the amount of Shards you make is determined by the number of laps and length of the track. Spend REVV to race, spend time in the game, and you will earn SHRD for your dedication.

Players will need enough CATA and REVV tokens, and the blueprint for a common car to mint new NFTs. Once they have these in the pocket, racers can mix the ingredients together in the Fusion System. The result – a brand new, rarer, and presumably faster and improved car NFT. 

CATA and REVV Fusion

What makes REVV Racing innovative?


One of the main features of blockchain-based games is the chance for players to own their in-game items. Instead of buying an item and then only being able to use it within a game, players can now use what they buy, and then sell it on the open market if they want.  

Today’s gaming experiences, on mobile and console, often have in-app options to buy add-ons and upgraded equipment that help players get to the next level. With those sorts of games, you can purchase a new racing suit, a helmet, or a new vehicle, and progress to the next level. Once you stop playing the game though, those items become worthless.

With REVV Racing, you can upgrade, play with and own everything you buy. But you can also trade it later on and maybe even make a profit. And all of it is fully secured by blockchain technology, which puts the power into the hands of gamers.

Earning potential

There are two ways to earn money with REVV Racing:

  • The first way is the fun way. Win races against opponents to come out on top in tournaments. This puts gaming first, and earning rewards is a great added bonus.
  • Alternatively, you can buy assets – REVV tokens and in-game NFTs – with a view to selling them for profit in the future.

It’s part of wider ecosystem

Playing REVV Racing means you have access to the wider Animoca Brands ecosystem. They’re a top Web3 company with some of the biggest blockchain platforms in their control.

Specifically, REVV Racing is part of REVV Motorsport, which contains the following games:

REVV is the native token for these games. So you can spend the rewards you earn from Formula E: High Voltage on items in MotoGP Ignition.

With more interoperability coming to Web3 gaming, we imagine a future where cross-platform competitions will become the norm. Players will be able to take their avatar to digital race tracks all over the internet and compete to become the best racer across all of them.

Keep up with top blockchain games

REVV Racing is definitely one of the top play-and-earn games to keep watch. Make sure to keep an eye on the DappRadar Top Games Ranking to stay up-to-date on every trend.

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