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My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4 play earn live

An introduction and guide into a wonderful fully on-chain open-world builder game

My Neighbor Alice is a wonderful 3D open world game where players can perform engaging activities such as fishing and farming, and crafting incredible NFTs to style their avatars and personalize their lands. Built entirely on the Chromia blockchain, even only in its alpha phase, My Neighbor Alice has become one of the most anticipated Web3 games on the market.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a fully on-chain game where players can interact and collaborate with others while also expressing themselves by customizing their own virtual land and avatars. It’s set in a large island complex called the Lummelunda archipelago. The game is as much about collaboration and communities as it is about gaming. So be prepared to meet new people and make new friends.

Gamers can live My Neighbor Alice in two ways:

  1. As a story-driven adventure game – The Archipelago features a diverse array of characters, from Björn to Alice, each with stories that intertwine through a narrative and make players curious to engage in quests and activities.
  2. As an open social world filled with collectible items – The Archipelago also opens for endless exploration, so players can make the most out of the resources they find in different regions and create stunning NFTs for lands and avatars while interacting with others.

Those of you who want to compare My Neighbor Alice will likely think about titles like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Ooblets, and Story of Seasons.

My Neighbor Alice built on Chromia blockchain

My Neighbor Alice is entirely built on the Chromia blockchain, which is a relational blockchain platform that provides scalable, secure, and developer-friendly solutions for decentralized applications. This enabled the My Neighbor Alice game to store and execute all its logic on the blockchain, a feature still rare among blockchain games, while also delivering a superior gaming experience to players (as evidenced by the art style and game mechanics of the game itself).

Chromia currently exists as a testnet, but the mainnet launch is scheduled for 2024. DappRadar is one of the validators supporting both the Chromia testnet and their future mainnet.

How to join My Neighbor Alice: Alpha Season 4

My Neighbor Alice launched the Alpha Season 4 on December 12th, 2023. You don’t need to own land to play the game. Go to the My Neighbor Alice website, and follow the simple instructions to get access to the free trial (i.e., claim a time-limited free land), download the launcher, and while you re-imagine Lummelunda! 

However, there is a limited amount of lands available for this season. Therefore, as not everyone will be able to claim land, visit their website now to claim yours!

What’s new in My Neighbor Alice – Alpha Season 4?

Alpha Season 4 will bring new content to fans, as it will introduce a wide range of updates and new features not seen before by the community. The entire game environment had a revamp, and there are now new terrain types in the Archipelago regions. Moreover, the enhanced player customization options ensure that every gamer can play with their own unique character.

My Neighbor Alice offers a wonderful world

What’s perhaps even more exciting is the amount of activities you can do in Alpha Season 4. While the last season let players do fishing and farming to gather resources and crafting to create NFTs, Season 4 wants to introduce a whole lot more. Players can use a landscaping tool to transform their land, and animals make a comeback to craft resources. Players who have gathered resources can trade these in the new trading stands. 

For example, players can use their customized characters to chop wood or collect rocks. There are different tools available for a wide variety of jobs, and you need to select the correct one to get the task done. Resources can then be used to craft other materials or create items to place in the game world.

The ELLE partnership

Introduced in the last chapter of My Neighbor Alice, the partnership with the global lifestyle and fashion brand ELLE continues. In Season 4 players can find various NFT clothing and furniture items inspired by ELLE Collections for their avatars and lands.

ELLE Magazine has a presence in My Neighbor Alice thanks to a ground-breaking partnership

The partnership seamlessly weaves fashion and lifestyle with gaming as it enriches the wonderful social world of My Neighbor Alice. Players can explore lands entirely dedicated to ELLE and immerse themselves in a Parisian atmosphere. They can then complete exclusive quests, which in return will make players unlock the secrets to craft ELLE Branded NFTs.

How does crafting work?

Crafting stands out as one of the most exciting activities in My Neighbor Alice, as it is the key to bringing NFTs to life.

Players complete activities and get blueprints and tickets that contain the secret resources needed to create NFTs. They can then use their crafting tables or their animals to assemble their unique creations. This way, they can customize their lands with fences, tables, fountains, and even create stylish clothing items for their avatars.

Crafting in My Neighbor Alice

Crafting is much more than creating nice NFTs for their avatars and lands: players can create axes, hammers, and shovels, which then enable the ability to gather resources or create other items. 

When crafting, also ALICE comes into play: some special NFTs will require players to use ALICE to be created. These NFTs hold a special status since they can be traded in the marketplace or staked to earn some rewards.
Go here to learn more about Crafting.

The ALICE token for creativity and economy

The ALICE token (ERC-20) is the game’s native currency. There is a fixed supply and you can get it by purchasing it, earning it as a reward, or buying and selling items for profit.

Holding ALICE gives people the power to craft special items, earn rewards via staking activities, and, in the future, have a say over the governance of the game.

Players need ALICE tokens to really participate in My Neighbor Alice. Sure, you can play the game for free without paying a dime, but by staking ALICE players unlock enhanced crafting options and the ability to mint their asset as an NFT.

As always with Web3 games, there are multiple ways to both play and earn, and so is the case in My Neighbor Alice. But none of it would be worth it if the game itself wasn’t fun to play.

Inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft, My Neighbor Alice introduces players to the Lummelunda archipelago, a world where humans and animals share daily activities to thrive as a community.

Once you get your own land and move to one of the islands with your own Avatar, you’ll meet your neighbor Alice, as well as other key characters like Björn the Bear, Beekeeper Bob, Ivan the Merchant, and Shipwright José.

In this open-world multiplayer builder game, the gameplay compasses:

  • Trading NFTs such as animals, buildings and plots of land. 
  • Taking jobs within the game and getting paid for your labor.
  • Becoming an exporter by finding goods that are cheaper in one place and selling them for more in other places.
  • Cultivating crops, fishing, catching bugs, crafting unique items, and selling them on the market.

Moreover, you can join Quests and community events whenever they’re available to explore gameplay in new activities and earn extra ALICE tokens as rewards. Keep in mind, My Neighbor Alice is still in development and none of the features should be considered final. 

My Neighbor Alice NFTs and marketplace

My Neighbor Alice features a wide range of NFTs, ranging from animals to lands and from crafted items to decorations. All these items are owned by players, and that means gamers can trade their items freely on the My Neighbor Alice marketplace.

Land in the Lummelunda archipelago

Of course, lands are among the most sought after assets in the game world of My Neighbor Alice. You can own, build, live, and share them and use them to make new friends with people who live nearby. However, there is a scarce supply of lands in the game’s universe – the Lummelunda archipelago. Each of the six islands in the Archipelago gives its land different characteristics that will grant their holders distinct features.

Between Medieval Plains and Nature’s Rest (two locations where players can already buy lands) there is plenty of variety and the possibilities are endless once you start customizing your territory with unique NFTs you crafted in the game. As the game develops, we’ll learn more about other islands, including Snowflake Island, Lummestad Town, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Islands.

You can buy virtual land from the My Neighbor Alice marketplace and will need ALICE tokens for purchases. Its first land sale occurred in Q2 2021, and since then, it has been through various others.

Closing Words

Start playing My Neighbor Alice now, because Alpha Season 4 adds many new elements to the game. In addition, the game is now live on the Chromia mainnet. We invite everybody to visit Lummelunda, craft items, decorate your land, and visit the ELLE store. My Neighbor Alice is now playable for everybody!

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