My Neighbor Alice: How to Play and Earn in Alpha Season 3

My Neighbor Alice_ How to Play and Earn in Alpha Season 3

The virtual island paradise created for all levels of Web3 expertise

My Neighbor Alice is a social farming adventure game for everyone, where players can win, craft, buy and earn digital items, resources and land. With the upcoming Alpha Season 3, fans of the game will get a new opportunity to play the game and get a glimpse of what a full launch will look like.


What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a Web3 game where users can own, build on, and monetize their virtual land. It’s set in a ‘large island complex located in the Lummelunda Archipelago’. The game is as much about community, as it is about gaming. So be prepared to meet new people and make new friends.

There are two ways to play the game. The first way is a traditional style of narrative adventure for regular gamers who want to pursue a predetermined storyline. The second way is more of an open style, where players can roam, network with each other and collect in-game items.

The game is built on Chromia, a Layer-1 blockchain that acts similarly to a Layer-2, in that it’s EVM-compatible so it works with Ethereum and BNB Chain. As such, My Neighbor Alice has been developed with cross-chain playability in mind.

With an ongoing land sale and Alpha Season 3 about to drop, things are very exciting for My Neighbor Alice right now. The project reached the public in January 2021 and has continued to deliver value for fans. They’ve hit roadmap milestones, kept land prices relatively high (compared to other similar games), and retained a committed community.

How to get started on the game

My Neighbor Alice has not launched yet, so you won’t be able to play at the moment. It has been through two alpha seasons where users have been able to check for bugs and get a feel for how My Neighbor Alice will look when it gets its full debut.

Landowners and non-landowners can join and test the game when Alpha Season 3 starts on 29 August until 10 October. Go to the My Neighbor Alice website, download the game launcher and follow the instructions to get involved.

Alpha Season 3 new features and ELLE partnership

Alpha Season 3 of My Neighbor Alice introduces a range of updates tailored for both new players and Lummelunda landowners. Moreover, it takes a fashionable leap forward through an exclusive partnership with the renowned fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE. This collaboration seamlessly weaves fashion, lifestyle, and gaming, presenting players with an enriched gaming landscape.

Alpha Season 3 My Neighbor Alice returns August 2023

Discover the latest enhancements in this Alpha Season 3.

Free trial

You don’t need to own land to join My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha season 3. On the official game website, simply connect your BNB Chain wallet and your Chromia Game Account (previously called Chromia Vault) in the marketplace. On the Alpha Access Page, you’ll get to join the playtest.

Renting system

In Alpha Season 3 of My Neighbor Alice, the game is implementing its renting system. Landowners have the opportunity to test this feature with their Lands, collaborate with friends, and explore the dynamics of the renting feature. It’s important to note that for this particular season, the renting system will be available at no cost. Modifications are expected for the final season.

Advanced crafting

The game’s new season unveils the crafting feature, a fresh mechanic set to elevate players’ immersion in My Neighbor Alice. With crafting, players utilize blueprints or tickets, acting as recipes and licenses, to create diverse items.

These crafted pieces can be strategically placed on one’s land or even used to accessorize avatars. However, player-to-player trading of these items isn’t an option in this season, though this capability is slated for Season 4 (scheduled for Q4 2023).

At the heart of this new feature is a multi-tier crafting system:

  • TIER 1: Focused on in-game resources such as the Björn Tokens and standard resources.
  • TIER 2: This level demands the use of ALICE tokens. An item’s rarity determines its tier. For instance, while a table may belong to TIER 1 due to its common nature, a rarer item like a fountain would be classified under TIER 2.
Crafting NFT items My Neighbor Alice
TIER 1 and TIER 2 crafted items available on Alpha season 3

Concluding the crafting journey, items produced using ALICE tokens in TIER 2 are bestowed with the non-fungible token (NFT) status. By the close of Season 3, these NFTs can be unlocked, giving players the liberty to reclaim their ALICE tokens either in part or in full.


Building upon its Alpha Season 2 introduction in early 2023, the expanded Townhubs feature in Alpha Season 3 of My Neighbor Alice promises to significantly enrich the player experience. Townhubs now boast a variety of assets, from iconic landmarks to bustling salons, allowing players to tailor their characters in more intricate ways. These hubs serve as vibrant communal spaces where players can mingle and partake in engaging activities.

How to play and win My Neighbor Alice

As always with Web3 games, there are multiple ways to both play and earn, and so is the case in My Neighbor Alice. But none of it would be worth it if the game itself wasn’t fun to play.

Inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft, My Neighbor Alice introduces players to the Lummelunda archipelago, a world where humans and animals share daily activities to thrive as a community.

Once you get your own land and move to one of the islands with your own Avatar, you’ll meet your neighbor Alice, as well as other key characters like Björn the Bear, Beekeeper Bob, Ivan the Merchant, and Shipwright José.

In this open-world multiplayer builder game, the gameplay compasses:

  • Trading NFTs such as animals, buildings and plots of land. 
  • Taking jobs within the game and getting paid for your labor.
  • Becoming an exporter by finding goods that are cheaper in one place and selling them for more in other places.
  • Cultivating crops, fishing, catching bugs, crafting unique items, and selling them on the market.

Moreover, you can join Quests and community events whenever they’re available to explore gameplay in new activities and earn extra ALICE tokens as rewards. Keep in mind, My Neighbor Alice is still in development and none of the features should be considered final. 

The ALICE token

The ALICE token is the game’s native currency. There is a fixed supply and you can get it by purchasing it, earning it as a reward, or through buying and selling items for profit. It’s an ERC-20 token, which means it’s compatible with Ethereum.

Holding ALICE gives people the power to earn rewards, engage in staking activities and have a say over the governance of the game.

At the time of writing, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) had a trading price of $0.76 and its market cap was valued at $58.89 million.

My Neighbor Alice NFTs and marketplace

My Neighbor Alice was one of the first Web3 games to incorporate NFTs into its game world. Not only are the avatars you embody and the lands you inhabit in the game NFTs that you truly own, but even elements like buildings, plants, trees, flowers, and animals – which players utilize to individualize and beautify their domains – are also tokenized as NFTs.

My Neighbor Alice NFT marketplace
My Neighbor Alice game assets marketplace

Complementing this, an in-game marketplace has been established, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade these digital assets.

Land plots in the Lummelunda archipelago

Land is one of the main features of My Neighbor Alice. You can own it, build on it, live on it and use it to make friends with people who live nearby. However, there is a scarce supply of plots of land in the game’s universe – the Lummelunda archipelago. Each of the six islands in the archipelago gives its land plots different characteristics that will grant their holders distinct features.

Between Medieval Plains and Nature’s Rest (two locations where players can already buy land) there is plenty of variety and the possibilities are endless once you start customizing your territory with unique NFTs you crafted in the game. As the game develops, we’ll learn more about other islands, including Snowflake Island, Lummestad Town, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Islands.

You can buy virtual land from the in-game marketplace and will need ALICE tokens for purchases. Its first land sale occurred in Q2 2021, and since then, it has been through three others.

What’s on the roadmap for My Neighbor Alice?

The first thing to know is that Alpha Season 3 returns on 28 August 2023 and will go until 10 October. This will be a chance for users to play the game and test it out to eliminate bugs and issues.

Other things in My Neighbor Alice’s pipeline include:

  • Q2 2023: Introduction of a new wardrobe feature; compass system; Tutorial 1.
  • Q3 2023: Development of quest framework and trading features; New community plot tools and NFTs on multiple chains (Ethereum, BNB and Chromia).
  • Q4 2023: Alpha Season; development of quest framework and trading features; Opening of more regions in the Lummelunda archipelago.

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