How to Play and Win: CryptoBlades

how to play and win cryptoblades

The fantasy RPG available across multiple blockchains

CryptoBlades launched in 2020 as a Web3 game on the Binance network. As a cross-chain interoperable platform, it can truly call itself a part of the growing metaverse. It gives players the chance to forge weapons, battle opponents and securely own their in-game items. CryptoBlades recently announced that they’re reducing gas fees through their new Equipment Manager function so now it’s even more accessible than ever.


With thousands of people playing the game every month, and thousands of dollars moving through the dapp’s smart contracts, it’s time to learn how to play and win CryptoBlades. This is a game where the stronger you grow and the more enemies you defeat, the greater the rewards you will earn.

CryptoBlades Trailer

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is an RPG that combines medieval fantasy with blockchain technology. Developed by Riveted Games, players can earn tokens in the game by defeating enemies and completing quests.

In addition to in-game currency and characters, players can also own unique weapons and other assets that have real-world value.

Initially launched on the Binance blockchain, CryptoBlades is now also available on Avalanche, Polygon, OEC Chain, and the HECO blockchain. Players can play the game through a web browser without the need to download an app.

How do you start playing it?

1. Create a Web3 wallet

First, set up a Web3 wallet, like a MetaMask, Binance wallet or other supported option like Coinbase. If you have already created a Web3 wallet, you can skip this step. 

Once your wallet is set up, connect it to the BNB Chain and load it with BNB as this will be required to purchase SKILL.

2. Get some SKILL

To exchange BNB for SKILL, you’ll need to go to a decentralized exchange (DEX) like ApeSwap, which is one of the most popular DEXs. This tutorial from CryptoBlades shows you how to purchase SKILL and start playing CryptoBlades:

CryptoBlades set up tutorial

3. Mint a character and weapons

With SKILL you can mint your NFT characters. You can find the minting price in the Plaza, where you keep your active characters. Keep in mind that you can only have four active characters at a time, but you can keep an unlimited number of characters in the Garrison, which acts as a storage for inactive characters.

You also need to mint weapons, which also come in the form of NFTs. These weapons can be obtained through the game’s Blacksmith tab, but be aware that there may be a cost associated with forging them.

How do you play and win CryptoBlades?

As with all Web3 games, CryptoBlades is more than just a game. There are two main ways to engage with the platform. You can play it as a player, or you can attempt to earn money with it.

CryptoBlades as a gamer

In this game, each character, weapon, and weapon attribute is assigned an element. These elements can affect your chances of winning in battles. In general, you will want to choose your character and weapon combinations based on their elements in order to have the best strategy.

Here are the relationships between the elements:

  • Fire is strong against Earth and weak against Water.
  • Earth is strong against Lightning and weak against Fire.
  • Lightning is strong against Water and weak against Earth.
  • Water is strong against Fire and weak against Lightning.

Four games modes in CryptoBlades

  1. In Arena Mode, you can engage in player versus player (PVP) battles with other players. This mode is more challenging than others because the matching of players is random, which means you may encounter higher-level opponents. This mode provides an opportunity to test your skills against other players.
  1. In Combat Mode, you can fight against various creatures in the CryptoBlades metaverse. To do this, you must select a character or weapon from your arsenal, then choose one of four randomly selected enemies to fight.

The outcome of the battle is determined by on-chain randomized rolls that compare your character’s attributes to those of the enemy. If your character’s roll is higher or equal to the enemy’s roll, you win the match.

  1. To enhance your character, you can participate in Quests which offer rewards for completing specific tasks. Upon completing a quest, your character will earn reputation points that increase its experience and tier. However, this game mode is only available to characters that are not currently in the arena.
  1. Raids are group activities in which players team up to defeat bosses and earn rewards. Similar to other video games, the difficulty of the bosses increases with your character’s level. It is important to remember that you will be fighting alongside other players, so the combined power of the team will be used to defeat the bosses. Don’t worry if your character’s power is not sufficient on its own, as you will have the support of your teammates.

CryptoBlades as an earner

  1. Earn rewards through gameplay. Every victory earns you SKILL, a virtual currency with real-life value. The more wins you have, the more SKILLs you will earn. You can withdraw your SKILLs when the price goes up.
  1. Forge NFTs and sell them. Your characters and weapons are NFTs, so you own and can sell them outside of the game. Other players may want strong characters and rare weapons. If you have improved your character’s power or created powerful weapons, you can sell them on the Bazaar, the official marketplace for the game.
  1. Swap SKILL tokens. Cryptocurrency value can go up and down, and you can use this to your advantage by trading SKILL for other digital coins and tokens. If you time it right, you can make some good profits. Strategy and good research is key to maximizing earnings.
  1. Staking. CryptoBlades offers a SKILL staking system, where you can earn additional SKILL by locking up a certain amount of your existing holdings for a seven-day period. After this time, you can withdraw your staked SKILLs into your Web3 wallet.

What makes CryptoBlades innovative?

SKILL tokens

SKILL is the in-game currency used in CryptoBlades. Players can use SKILL to obtain characters, forge and reforge weapons, and purchase and sell items on the CryptoBlades Marketplace.

The total supply of SKILL is allocated as follows:

  • 35% for initial decentralized offering (IDO)
  • 20% for gameplay incentives
  • 20% for development
  • 15% for initial liquidity
  • 10% for liquidity incentives 

The development fund will be released at a rate of 25% per quarter, while the investor fund will be released at a rate of 25% per month.


As a blockchain game, players fully own their in-game characters and weapons as NFTs. This means they have the right to sell and trade them on open-markets. The CryptoBlades team has developed a marketplace called the Bazaar where players can do this.

The Bazaar facilitates the trading process in a trustless manner. On the market, players can search for and list characters and weapons, and a small buyer fee is applied to each transaction.

Cross-chain gameplay

The game was first developed on Binance Smart Chain, before launching and operating on multiple mainnet networks. It now runs on:

  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • OEC
  • HECO
  • Aurora
  • CoinEx

What’s on the CryptoBlades roadmap?

CryptoBlades has just announced that their Equipment Manager is live. Players can pre-equip weapons and shields for the characters, which has the benefit of bringing down gas fees.

CryptoBlades’ announcement of Equipment Manager

The CryptoBlades team is in the process of upgrading and updating the user interface. On the upcoming roadmap, they will be introducing:

  • Trinkets
  • Junk Burning

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