How to Play and Win: Blankos Block Party

how to play and win: blankos block party

The vibrant open-world game based on fun, creativity and partying

Blankos Block Party has been building for nearly two years. Web3 has been through many stages in that time but the Blankos developers have carried on with their vision of creating an engaging game where players come first. A new Groove Party pass went on sale recently and promises players more rewards and, importantly, more fun. 


As with many new blockchain games that have launched recently, or plan to launch soon, Blankos is a game-first game. This means even without the opportunity to win rewards, gamers should still think it’s good enough to play.

The Blankos Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust went on sale on November 23. Holders can win special prizes and rewards. The pass will be valid until December 7, when the main Cosmic Groove Party Pass drops.That will last until January 18, 2023 and comes at a cost of $15.

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos is a free-to-play massive open-world game where users can roam around and collect Blankos, which are digital vinyl toys. The game focuses on art, aesthetics and vibrancy, meaning it’s an amazing spectacle. Within the open world, other users create small mini-games, which you can play together.

The game is developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games, and was originally released in December 2020. Nearly two years later, it became the first title to appear in the Epic Games Store.

Blankos Block Party trailer

Blankos is built on the Mythical Platform, which is itself a private blockchain. This blockchain is based on EOSIO, which is the same technology that powers the EOS network. Mythical has a bridge to Ethereum, so while the blockchain is private, it can connect with other areas of the Web3 ecosystem.

How to get started on Blankos Block Party


Sign up with an email address and password. Enter your character name, specify your country or residence and DOB.

Install Blankos Block Party

Once you’ve clicked on “Make My Account”, you’ll see an online game launched and will be given the option to install to your computer depending on your operating system.

Follow the instructions to play

From here, you can follow instructions to the game area. Once you’re in, you decide how you want to play. The choice is yours.

How do you play and win?

Blankos isn’t really about “winning”. It’s about playing. It’s a free world where you can roam, meet new people, and discover new creations. But while there is no end goal in the game, or any sort of overarching narrative, there are rewards to be won.

Players can earn rewards in Blankos by doing two things: holding a Party pass and completing challenges. Party passes are seasonal and holding one grants you rewards as you complete the challenges associated with them. There are daily, weekly and periodic challenges which, as you finish them, get you closer to a NFT reward.

Blankos does Godzilla

Building Challenges are another fun way to earn rewards in Blankos. Create an amazing world or make a game that everyone wants to play. If you do this, you’ll earn NFTs which you can hold or sell in the Mythical Marketplace.

What makes the game innovative?


Each Blankos is an NFT. This means that when you get one, you own it. No one, not even the creator of the game is able to take it from you. Furthermore, once you have a Blanko, you can trade it away, potentially for profit. These playable NFTs can be leveled up and merged to create new ones.

Blankos looking scary AF

Mythical Marketplace

This is the native marketplace where players can trade their in-game items. These can be either accessories or Blankos, and players can pay with Blankos Bucks (which you can buy) or Moola (which you can earn). The Mythical Marketplace is a secondary market based on peer-to-peer trading.

Creating parties and creative partnerships

Gamers can actively mold the Blankos Block Party environment. So instead of passively playing inside preset surroundings, gamers can participate in making the space more interesting and vibrant. 

Players can build Parties using a range of items, toys and accessories. Then, depending on the type of Party, other players can get involved by racing, shooting and collecting together. It’s a model that will make a loyal community for years to come.

Deadmau5 in Blankos

Aside from players being able to shape the Blankos world, Mythical Games has partnerships with top brands so that they can bring their creative talents to the landscape. Burberry, Deadmau5 and The Marathon Clothing have all signed-on to bring their vision to Blankos.

Party Pass news

As mentioned already, the Blankos Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust dropped on November 23. It’s the latest seasonal pass giving players options to win prizes and rewards. The Cosmic Groove Party Pass was due for release on November 23 but was pushed back by two weeks.

In its place, the Pardon Our Dust will act as a placeholder until December 7, when the main Cosmic Groove pass will drop and give players the full range of reward opportunities. Mythical Games said the delay is due to ‘quite a few bugs … leading to a less than awesome experience’.

To repeat, the Cosmic Groove pass will run from December 7 to January 23, 2023. It will cost $15 and players will get access to in-game currency, brand new items and fun new challenges.

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