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how to play ascenders

Ascenders: Simulation debuts on Arbitrum, the main game continues on Avalanche

Ascenders is a free-roaming, open-world RPG that will be launching on the Avalanche network in increments during 2023. With the recent expansion of the gaming ecosystem, Ascenders has introduced a separate game on the Arbitrum network called Ascenders: Simulation, further enriching the experience for players.


Ascenders is part of the next generation of Web3 games that offers more than casual entertainment and momentary distraction. The game will have AAA graphics, deep backstories and lore, and an open world that gives players the freedom to create their own narratives.

Additionally, the gaming ecosystem has expanded with the introduction of Ascenders: Simulation on the Arbitrum network, offering even more immersive experiences for players.

Ascenders trailer

What is Ascenders: Simulation?

The team behind Ascenders has recently announced the upcoming launch of a separate browser-based game, Ascenders: Simulation. The game will be launched on Arbitrum, leveraging its low gas fees, robust security, and strong gaming culture. 

Ascenders: Simulation offers players the opportunity to establish a prosperous colony within the virtual realm of Ascension. Success in the game hinges on land ownership, which serves as the foundation for each player’s unique journey and experiences.

By securing a plot and upgrading their base, players can engage in gameplay centered around resource collection, refinement, and strategic enhancements. Furthermore, they can build awe-inspiring structures and craft settlements that reflect their skills and strategies.

Ascenders Lands

What is the Ascenders main game?

Ascenders is a sci-fantasy, open-world action RPG with a fully decentralized player-driven economy powered by the Avalanche blockchain. Players will soon be free to explore dungeons, discover resources in the underworld, craft NFTs, own land, and fight for victory. 

When the game launches, users will be able to roam the fantasy landscape and build up their own communities. There will also be a leaderboard to climb that ranks the performance of each user. The higher you are, the more rewards you’ll receive.

Important things to know about the game


These are the main playable avatars in Ascenders. Players can improve their heroes’ attributes through gameplay and upgrades. You can also build up your team of heroes by acquiring the best ones on the open marketplace.

Ascenders characters
Ascender Heroes assemble!


Seedships serve as the center of your new city. Once you’ve landed on Ascension with your ship, you will need to meet other players, craft items, learn about the world and start progressing on your journey.

Ascenders seedships
The gigantic Seedships will take you to Ascension


You won’t necessarily land in a safe paradise when you arrive in Ascension. It can often look like an exotic landscape but danger awaits you around every corner.

Seedships land in isolated locations so you’ll need to build portals to each other when you locate new comrades. Remnants and Outposts are dangerous areas full of alien enemies. Beware of them.

Ascenders game
Ascension in all its glory


Like any good game, Ascenders has its own cast of bad guys. Hostile aliens, battling over the scraps of a decaying society, come in various shapes and sizes. Each class of alien enemy has different traits that you’ll need to battle using different skills and weapons.

Ascenders enemies
Alien enemies

How to play and win Ascenders

Ascenders are attempting to combine a “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” overworld with an “Eve: Online” MMO economy thanks to four key elements making up the game.

Explore: Ascenders has a rich open-world environment players can freely explore to discover new lands, hidden dungeons, and rare resources.

Fight: The dungeons that infest the land are filled with enemies and need clearing out before it is safe enough for the community to begin construction. Combat will put players to the test in return for rich rewards, perhaps even the chance to win land.

Build: Buildings are built on owned lands. Silos and refineries improve productivity, while armor smiths and stables enable players to craft new items. Furthermore, hospitals and shops provide services, and Guild Halls create community. There are many structures to choose from, but there’s limited space to build. Players must observe the market and decide what to create wisely.

Decentralized Economy: Players have complete control over the supply and demand and can find and trade resources from around the overworld to craft new items. All items are player minted and player distributed, with player-designed specializations.

What makes Ascenders innovative?

Glow Gems

These are utility tokens used as an in-game currency for actions such as building, item minting, crafting upgrades, buying items from marketplaces, etc. These have an uncapped supply.

Ascenders Governance Council token

ASG are governance tokens used by players to participate in votes on important game decisions. Supply of AGC will be capped, while staking AGC will bring players rewards.


Land parcels are ownable pieces of the massive Ascenders world and vary significantly in size, from modest estates to sprawling lands. Furthermore, players can merge adjacent lands to create larger areas. 

Land Parcel owners collect a passive resource income and can also erect buildings on land they own.

Game Items and Resources

Game items come in the form of NFT tokens and are created by players when they craft them from resources. These NFTs can be upgraded and sold on marketplaces.

Common resources are non-blockchain-based materials that are easy to acquire in the Ascenders universe. Premium resources are tokenized assets with special functions. They are required to craft NFT Gear or Cosmetic items.

DappRadar explains NFT

Player Guilds

Guilds are at the core of the Ascenders ecosystem. They provide a platform so players can work together and progress in the game. They can do this in a number of different ways, either by exploring and building communities together. Or they can share economic resources, insights and space on the map.

When is Ascenders launching?

Looking at the Ascenders roadmap, the full game launch is still some way off. It won’t be until Q4 2023 that fans get the chance to enjoy the full experience. The table below does show we’ll be able to be getting prototypes, test environments and limited gameplay over the next 12 months.

Ascenders roadmap
Ascenders roadmap

So far, the Ascenders development team has designed gameplay and the economy. They’ve also put in place the overarching designs and there was a Combat Challenge that ran until the end of April 2022.

As the developers continue working tirelessly to deliver the full game experience,  they will progressively release prototypes to offer a sneak peek into this immersive in-game world of Ascenders. 

It is worth noting that the upcoming land sale event is specifically for Ascenders: Simulation, and it presents a prime opportunity for those who want to become part of the Ascenders adventure. 

If you’re curious about the gameplay and can’t wait to explore the world of Ascenders, head over to the Ascenders website and download the demo versio. Dive into the captivating universe and experience the allure of Ascenders firsthand.

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