How to Launch Tokens and Dapps on ThunderCore

How to Launch Tokens and Dapps on ThunderCore
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Fuel your project with ThunderCore’s $10M Developer Growth Fund

ThunderCore has established a $10 Million Developer Growth Fund to support developers to launch tokens and dapps. Building projects on the ThunderCore network offers fast transactions, EVM compatibility, scalability, and more. With a thriving user base, ThunderCore also provides an ideal environment for mobile entertainment applications.


Explore ThunderCore’s vibrant ecosystem 

ThunderCore provides a powerful blockchain infrastructure and a thriving ecosystem for developers, particularly in the realm of mobile entertainment applications. With EVM compatibility, lightning-fast transactions, scalability, and interoperability; ThunderCore empowers developers to create innovative dapps with efficiency. 

Currently serving over 400,000 monthly active users, ThunderCore offers a wide range of opportunities to play, watch, earn, and create.

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Within the ThunderCore ecosystem, TT Mining offers users a comprehensive DeFi platform that enables users to earn profits through the TT token. With a significant total staked value of 77,913,995 TT, TT Mining presents itself as a one-stop solution for decentralized finance activities, providing users with various opportunities to generate income.

Another notable dapp is TT Dice, a blockchain-based random number generator (RNG) game. TT Dice ensures fairness by decentralizing control over bet outcomes, preventing any manipulation or rejection of bets. With an impressive 99% Return to Player (RTP), TT Dice has garnered substantial popularity within the ThunderCore’s ecosystem. 

According to DappRadar, the dapp has attracted over 136,700 unique active wallets (UAW) within the last 30 days.

If developers want to tap into the thriving user community and capabilities of ThunderCore, they can leverage the powerful solution offered by ThunderGene.

ThunderGene allows devs to run projects on ThunderCore efficiently

ThunderGene is a blockchain project developing platform with a suite of tools to supercharge dapps and tokenized assets. Development studios of all sizes and from all industries can seamlessly integrate blockchain functionality into their applications and projects.

At the core of ThunderGene is its flexible and robust set of APIs. These APIs empower developers to effortlessly incorporate blockchain features into their applications. To get a better idea of its capabilities., let’s dive deep into the fundamentals creating a token-powered project using ThunderGene. 

First, create a project

The first step is to initiate a project, and ThunderGene allows developers to quickly start building Web3 projects. The guide below will walk you through the process of doing that. Prior to that, it’s important to note that you’ll need to register for each environment that you intend to use. 

It is recommended to start with the Testnet environment to familiarize yourself with the APIs and console.

  1. To create an account on Mainnet or Testnet, visit or and click on “Sign Up”.
  2. Enter your username, email, and password to complete the account registration.
  3. Check your email for a verification message and click on “Confirm your email” to redirect to the ThunderGene login page.
  4. Log in to the platform using your credentials.
  5. Once logged in, click on “Create Project”.
  6. Provide the necessary project details and click “Save Change”. You will then be redirected to the project list, which will display the project that you just created.
  7. Click on your project to begin the exciting journey of creating tokens and NFTs.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to unleashing the potential of ThunderGene and exploring the world of web3.

Supercharge your dapp development with ThunderGene

With ThunderGene, developers can effortlessly generate multiple wallet addresses, streamline token distribution, integrate in-app token and NFT trading, and gain valuable insights from on-chain data. By harnessing these capabilities, developers can create exceptional user experiences and unlock new opportunities in the blockchain landscape.

Fuel your project with ThunderCore’s $10 Million Developer Growth Fund


Before launching a Web3 project, there are essential considerations for project teams. These include designing sustainable tokenomics to support community growth and implementing effective marketing strategies to engage and expand the user base. 

Recognizing these needs, ThunderCore has introduced its $10 million growth fund program, dedicated to assisting teams in smoothly launching and scaling their projects.

The fund serves as an incentive and support mechanism for developers building on ThunderCore. Interested projects can apply for the fund through an application process, and qualified projects can benefit from four sub-categories within the fund: Accelerator Grant, Promotional Package, Technical Assistance, and Operational Consultation. Applications are open from now until September 30, 2023.

Create healthy liquidity for your token

Token liquidity is crucial for the success of a project. It refers to the ease and efficiency with which a token can be bought or sold in the market. High liquidity attracts more traders, investors, and users, leading to increased trading volumes and price stability.

To facilitate and enhance liquidity, projects can leverage SushiSwap or LaserSwap, a decentralized exchange on ThunderCore. Both SushiSwap and LaserSwap operate through smart contracts and utilize an automated market maker (AMM) model. 

So instead of relying on traditional order books, it uses liquidity pools to determine asset prices. Users can contribute funds to these pools and earn a share of the trading fees generated by the platform.

Add liquidity to your token pool

You can provide liquidity for your token on SushiSwap or LaserSwap by visiting their website here. With liquidity added to the relevant trading pairs, you contribute to a deeper pool and enhance the trading experience for users. 

Track your token performance

Additionally, you can track and analyze your token metrics using the Dexscreener platform. This tool provides valuable insights into trading volume, price movements, and other relevant data, enabling you to make informed decisions and monitor the performance of your token in real time. 

Build on ThunderCore now

Now that you’ve gained a brief understanding of ThunderCore’s capabilities, it’s time to take the next step and leverage its full potential to thrive. And to further accelerate your project’s growth, don’t forget to join the ThunderCore Developer Growth Fund

This program is designed to incentivize and support Web3 developers, providing access to grants, promotional packages, technical assistance, and operational consultation.

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