How to Get Started on Blockchain Brawlers

how to get started on blockchain brawlers
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A short guide to start playing the web3 fighting game today

Knowing how to get started on Blockchain Brawlers is important when you want to start earning crypto coins with the game. In this short guide, we outline how to create an account and where to get your hands on a Brawler.

Creating an account

Here are a few simple steps for getting set up on Blockchain Brawlers:

  1. Go to the Blockchain Brawlers dapp. (Steps 2-4 required if you don’t already have a WAX wallet)
  2. Click on Create Wallet in the top-right corner and sign up with an email address and new password.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions and confirm you are over 18 (if you are).
  4. You will need to purchase five WAXP tokens to get a WAX Badge Membership NFT. This is your token around all WAX-based platforms.
  5. Once you have your WAX account, find the Play Now button on the Blockchain Brawlers website. You’ll find it on the front page of the Blockchain Brawlers website.
  6. When you log in, you’ll land on your Inventory Page. Here, you’ll see what Brawlers, Rings and Gear you have in your wallet.
  7. If you don’t have any in-game assets, read the section below. For everyone who already has the required NFTs, equip them and get fighting!

Here’s a handy video showing you how to create a WAX wallet. And this video shows you how to set up your Blockchain Brawlers account.

DappRadar’s How To Create a WAX Wallet

Acquiring your first Brawler

You can either Craft or buy a Brawler NFT. Scotty Wideyes are the entry-level Brawlers. Crafting one of these has a fixed cost. You’ll need to spend 13 Gold NFTs and 5,000 BRWL.

Gold is available on WAX secondary marketplaces but here’s a link to AtomicHub where you can purchase some. You’ll need to transfer WAXP into your WAX wallet and then purchase your Gold with this. You can buy BRWL on Binance. Now you’re ready to Craft a Brawler:  

  • Once you have your Gold and BRWL in your WAX wallet.
  • Then you need to connect to the Blockchain Brawlers dapp.
  • Click on the Crafting option at the bottom of the page.
  • Select a Scotty Wideye and start to Craft.

You’ll also need to Craft at least one common Ring to start playing. Again, you’ll need Gold and BRWL. Or you can purchase one that has already been Crafted.

You can also purchase Brawlers and Rings directly through any WAX-based secondary marketplace. AtomicHub, NFTHive or NeftyBlocks are all good places to start. You can find an entire list of WAX marketplaces on DappRadar’s Rankings pages, where we provide secure and reliable links to their sites.

You can find out more about Brawlers, Rings and Gear by reading our in-depth article all about Blockchain Brawlers.

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