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Big Time

Four different access passes can unlock early access

Multiplayer action RPG Big Time has launched early access for Gold Pass holders with redemption starting April 19th, 2022. Those that purchased a Gold Pass NFT on OpenSea or Binance can now redeem it and start exploring Big Time. They also get the bonus of participating in a Gold members VIP onboarding experience

The online game Big Time is an action RPG that allows users to join teams, hunt monsters, and acquire loot. The game offers unique in-game items such as customized personal weapons and clothes. Big Time has been in development since early 2021 and has now released first access to Gold pass members, with further access unlocked over the coming weeks for other pass holders. 


Originally there were three early access passes, with a fourth Ruby pass being added later. The Ruby pass is awarded to members of the community who helped to grow the game’s following in its early days and members of the community who continue to contribute to the communities’ development. Therefore, the Ruby pass can only be granted through community involvement or purchased on the secondary market, where none are available at writing. 

Big Time pass benefits

As outlined in the image above, each pass level entitles the holder to different benefits, with Gold pass holders receiving the lion’s share of perks and NFT drops. Importantly the Gold pass is the one that permits players to access Big Time from April 19, while other passes will open up the game to holders in a staggered way over the next few months. VIP passes grant players guaranteed early access to the game. This in turn gives players a head start in accessing game content where limited-edition cosmetic and decorative NFT items can be found.

Importantly all three paid tiers of Access Pass let holders gain early entry and access to NFT drops and exclusive items. Here are the four Early Access VIP Passes for Big Time and the benefits they bring: 

Please note: Dates are subject to change and below are estimates based on the information provided by Big Time. 

  • Gold VIP Access Pass – Unlocks Big Time on Apr 19, 2022/ Floor price $6,300   
  • Silver VIP Access Pass – Unlocks Big Time on May 16, 2022 / Floor price $1,700
  • Jade VIP Access Pass – Unlocks Big Time onJun 6, 2022/ Floor price $400
  • Ruby Access Pass – Unlocks Big Time onJun 20, 2022/ N/A 
Current lowest prices on OpenSea 

The initial Big Time members pass sale occurred in mid-2021 through the native Big Time NFT marketplace and later through Opensea. Back then, Interested parties could get their hands on a Gold pass for $499, a Silver for $299, and a Jade for $179. 

As seen in the image above, the lowest price for a Gold pass at writing is now more than twelve times the mint price and would represent a $5801 profit margin minus any selling fees. Buying any of the passes in 2021, whether you intended to play or not, was a wise investment. With early access now open, we want to walk you through how to redeem your pass. 

Redeem your Gold Pass – Step by step guide

With early access now open and Gold membership holders invited to try out Big Time, we want to walk you through how to redeem your pass. Once completed, simply download the Big Time launcher to get started. Remember to use your same Marketplace account to sign in to the Big Time launcher.

Step 1: If you purchased a pass on OpenSea or Binance, confirm the pass is located in your wallet of choice.

Step 1a: If you purchased on our Marketplace, please proceed with the remaining steps.

Step 1b: If you purchased on Binance, confirm the pass has been withdrawn to your wallet of choice.

Step 1c: If you purchased on OpenSea, click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Once on your profile page, the address of your wallet is located below your profile photo.

Step 2: Go to the Big Time website to redeem your Early Access VIP Pass

Step 3: You must be logged in. Once logged in, you will be able to redeem your VIP pass from the drop-down menu under your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the Marketplace.

Step 4: Select where you purchased your Access Pass: Big Time Marketplace, OpenSea, or Binance.

Step 4a: If you purchased an Early Access Pass from OpenSea or Binance, use WalletConnect or Metamask to connect your wallet containing your Early Access Pass NFT.

Step 4b: After clicking on your wallet of choice, accept the connection request in your wallet.

Step 4c: Once your wallet is connected, the “Signature Required” page will load. Click the orange button to send a signature request to your selected wallet. Open your wallet to view the signature request, and click “sign.”
IMPORTANT: You can only link your wallet with ONE Big Time account.

Step 4d: Once your wallet has been connected and verified, your passes will show.

Step 5: Select your pass for redemption from your wallet or Marketplace account. You can only redeem your pass once your early access period has arrived. Your Early Access Pass NFT will be burned once redeemed.

Step 6: Wait for your Early Access Pass to process redemption.

Step 6a: Passes purchased on the Marketplace are redeemed almost instantly

Step 6b: Binance and OpenSea NFTs need to verify all network confirmations to complete the redemption process

Step 6c: Your Early Access Pass NFT is burned after redemption

Step 7: Once your NFT has been burned and redeemed, click the download button to install the Big Time Launcher.

Step 8: You are now ready to play Big Time. Download the Big Time launcher to get started. Remember to use your same Marketplace account to sign in to the Big Time launcher.

Gold pass holders can also gain access to a private VIP Gold pass Discord, an onboarding live stream with the game team, and access to ongoing tutorials with the game team during the early access stage.

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