How to Earn Passive Income with VulcanVerse Land NFTs

vulcanverse pyr token passive income

Stake to level up land and start earning passive income

VulcanVerse is a blockchain-powered fantasy MMORPG with its own PYR tokens, economics, and passive income. Players can use and earn PYR tokens by participating in the game’s economy. This July VulcanVerse will launch its beta, and in this article we take a look at the ways you can earn PYR tokens by participating in the VulcanVerse ecosystem. 

The PYR token exists on the Polygon blockchain. Gamers can buy the token through the VulcanVerse website, simply by using their credit card. Another option would be to swap the token on QuickSwap, using Metamask.

Even though VulcanVerse hasn’t opened its gates to everybody yet, that doesn’t mean there’s no economic activity yet. Last year the game sold out its 9,918 land parcels, each plot of land being 20m x 20m. Players and investors actively trade these rare plots on the Vulcan NFT marketplace. 

Landowners can build anything on their own land. However, they can unlock more features by leveling up their land. This is where PYR comes into play. In addition this is where land in VulcanVerse can become a source for passive income. Let’s see how to earn PYR through passive income. 

Earning PYR tokens through land

  • Buy land from the Vulcan marketplace. At the time of writing a plot of land costs at least 1,150 FIRE, which equals the same amount of PYR. That would be $2,300 at current rates.
  • Players then need to SOW their land, which requires a one-time fee. There’s a 20-day waiting period before landowners can upgrade their land.
  • Upgrading requires landowners to stake PYR tokens onto their land. Removing staked PYR will lower the land level.

  • Gamers can earn those LAVA tokens by participating in various games in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. When you win matches in the card game Berserk or are active in VulcanVerse, you receive LAVA tokens each month. Of course, LAVA is also a reward for staking PYR on your land.

More than just staking

VulcanVerse provides the best experience if you also own land. However, players don’t need to own land to participate in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Berserk is a free trading card game for mobile devices, VulcanVerse will be freely accessible as well. These games provide entries into the Vulcan economy and give gamers the possibility to earn their first tokens through gameplay.

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