How to Claim NFT Worlds WRLD Token Airdrop

NFT Worlds WRLD token airdrop claim
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Virtual worlds made by communities powered by the WRLD token

The virtual worlds project NFT Worlds now allows land owners to claim the native WRLD token through an airdrop. The amount of tokens someone receives depend on the amount of world NFTs in their wallet and the rarity of those NFTs.

NFT Worlds describes itself as a decentralized, customizable, play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where land owners can create gaming experiences for their communities inside their virtual worlds. NFT Worlds currently taps into the opensource version of Minecraft 1.17. The NFT Worlds collection consists of 10,000 unique worlds, ranging from tropical island to forest areas and from deserts to artic environments.

WRLD is an ERC-20 utility token for the NFT Worlds ecosystem. Players need to pay the world NFT holder in WRLD to get access to experiences, items, perks, content and so on. In addition world owners can acquire character or item NFTs using WRLD, or hire verified world builders.

WRLD airdrop information

The NFT Worlds WRLD token airdrop will take place in two phases. The first airdrop took place on December 28th. During this airdrop 250 million tokens, half of the supply, will be airdropped. The other half will be distributed in February 2022, when the team expects to have their multiplayer gameplay functional.

The amount of airdropped tokens depends on the rarity of a world. Traits and resources determine the rarity of a world, and the most rare one receives 40,000 WRLD. The least rare one gets 10,000 WRLD. In addition there’s an extra bonus to users who held on to the original mint, while land owners also get more WRLD depending on the amount of world NFTs they own.

How to claim the WRLD airdrop

  1. You can only claim WRLD tokens if you had at least 1 NFT World NFT
  2. The snapshot took place on block 13864254, which happened on December 23, 2021
  3. Go to the official claim page:
  4. Click “Continue to Claim”
  5. The next page will show how many tokens you will receive. Press “Claim WRLD”
  6. Metamask or another Web3 wallet will pop-up. Confirm transaction. Make sure you have enough ETH to pay for the gas fees (0.02 ETH should do the trick)
  7. Wait a bit. WRLD will be transferred to your wallet.
  8. Make sure you add WRLD to your wallet. In Metamask go to “Assets”, scroll down and click “Import Tokens”
  9. Click “Custom Token”
  10. Add the WRLD token address: 0xD5d86FC8d5C0Ea1aC1Ac5Dfab6E529c9967a45E9
  11. Press “Add Custom Token”

Keep in mind, WRLD token isn’t listed anywhere yet at the time of writing.

If you are eligible for the WRLD airdrop, perhaps you can also claim our RADAR token. Take a look on our token page, connect your wallet, and see if you’re eligible for the RADAR airdrop. Below you can find more info about the RADAR token.

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