How to Buy and Sell NFTs on DappRadar

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Use your DappRadar Portfolio to discover NFT valuations and take immediate action

NFTs are unique digital assets that give the token holder ownership, and therefore the ability to buy and sell them. Through their DappRadar Portfolio, users can now directly sell their own NFTs or buy the ones that are listed by other users. 

The DappRadar Portfolio is the one location on the internet where you can manage both your DeFi holdings and NFT collections. Thanks to the valuation mechanics, wallet owners always get live insight into the value of their NFTs. They can then take action, immediately from their portfolio page. Buying more, or selling the valuable assets they own. 

NFT trading works through the SDK from OpenSea. As a result every item you list on DappRadar, will also appear on OpenSea, and the other way around. Initially, DappRadar supports only fixed price sales on Ethereum. However, we plan to add more protocols and sales options in the near future, along with more marketplace integrations. 

How to sell NFTs on DappRadar

  • Log in or sign up by connecting your Web3 wallet through i.e. Metamask, MEW Wallet or WalletConnect 
  • Go to your portfolio, clicking the “Portfolio” tab in the top menu 
  • Click the NFTs section of your portfolio, and then click on the NFT you want to sell
  • You’re now on the Single NFT page. This page exists for every NFT. Here there’s a button “List your NFT”. Listing is only possible when you’re the owner of the NFT. 
  • When you click the “List your NFT” button, a menu will appear where you can set the price of your NFT listing.
  • By switching the Listing Dates button, you can add a start and end date of your sale. Please note: Upon release DappRadar doesn’t offer auction features, but only set price. 
  • Press “Continue to Summary” when you’re done.
  • In the summary, you will see all the details of your NFT listing. Notice that there’s a fee from OpenSea, which is the standard 2.5% OpenSea fee. DappRadar doesn’t charge any fees at the moment.  
  • Press the “List Your NFT” button, to list your NFT on the marketplace. Keep in mind that there are transaction costs involved. 
  • Wait a bit, and you’re done!

How to buy NFTs on DappRadar

  • When you’re checking a particular wallet, you might discover an NFT you like…
  • Click an NFT, and go to the Single NFT page
  • If the NFT is available for sale, there’s a red “for sale” marker on top
  • You will also notice the “Buy NFT” button. Click it.
  • In the pop-up, you can press “Buy Now”, which will trigger the transaction in your Web3 wallet. As always, there are costs involved in these transactions. 
  • If you have insufficient wallet balance, you can press “Add Funds” to acquire more ETH using your credit card. 

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