DappRadar: How Two Young Entrepreneurs Created The World’s Dapp Store


Three years, dozens of blockchains and thousands of dapps later

DappRadar celebrated its third birthday in February this year. As cheers filled the office and champagne popped, some looked back at their journey, where they started and asked themselves – “How the heck did we get here.” Now, as we close out an incredible 2021, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of two laser-guided individuals who changed the industry forever when they created DappRadar. 

Founded by Skirmantas Januškas and Dragos Dunica over a weekend, DappRadar is now the World’s Dapp Store, leading in all areas of dapp analytics and discovery. Growing from two dedicated admirers of the decentralized world, DappRadar stands almost 60 pioneers deep, with headquarters in Lithuania and strategic outposts in the UK and China. DappRadar has grown tremendously over the last few years. But it all started from the needs of two young men looking for decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“There wasn’t anything central or in any kind of friendly list. But we kept hearing about these apps on the blockchain. There were only Reddit threads and tweets to look through. We found ourselves building the first iteration of DappRadar for ourselves. We just wanted to bring all the dapps on Ethereum into one place – then I shared it on my Reddit account. People were interested straight away as we had just made their lives much easier. That’s a premise that’s remained with DappRadar.” Skirmantas Januškas, CEO, DappRadar. 

DappRadar launched on February 4, 2018, as a weekend project. It all started with just Ethereum and a handful of dapps. However, in the following six to eight months, the EOS and Tron blockchains started expanding their dapp ecosystems. By the end of 2018, DappRadar had three blockchains integrated and a few hundred dapps. 

DappRadar Web Homepage Feb 2018 

At this point, the pair decided to focus all efforts on building a more extensive and more comprehensive dapp tracking system, DappRadar. Furthermore, after a wild couple of years, the cryptocurrency markets cooled off, heading into a bear market situation for almost two years. Importantly, this is when the two entrepreneurs decided to get their heads down and build. 

“During that down market, there were many waves of different dapps trying to break out and get early adopters and cryptocurrency holders engaged. The situation played into the hands of dapps as many investors were now sitting on tokens they didn’t want to sell, looking for utility. Hot potato, game theory dapps, shrimp farms, roll the dice with dividend tokens style applications came and went as developers played with different ideas. It was so different from what it is today, and it’s incredible how far things have come in three years. It’s special to be playing a part in that journey.” Dragos Dunica, CDO, DappRadar. 

The World’s Dapp Store 

DappRadar has become The World’s Dapp Store, here we are today. The platform has become blockchain and category agnostic, supporting almost 30 blockchains, more than 8000 dapps, nearly 2,000 NFT collections, sending 1 million visitors to dapps every month. Backed by a team of almost 60 individuals who ensure everyone can access an accurate representation of the dapp industry every day.

DappRadar Web Homepage Dec 2021 

But that is not enough. All this time DappRadar was relying heavily on users and dapp developers, the community that contributed to DappRadar. Submitting dapps, updating information and smart contracts, pointing out quality dapps to highlight, and not-so-obvious fraudulent activity to delist. All this helped the platform in so many ways. Now, the DappRadar team believes this is precisely the way to go. To embrace community participation through contribution and curation, and reward it. 

Introducing RADAR 

We don’t want DappRadar to follow the path set by app stores. We want to make sure that it’s an ever-lasting discovery place for anyone who wants to join this fantastic world. And that can only be built by joining forces with every one of you. We need RADAR to make this work. To build a network with its own contributors, curators, and consumers. One that belongs to everyone. 

To achieve that, we need to work hand in hand. 

In the next few months and years, we envision DappRadar becoming a self-sustaining network. Contributors will make sure we are on track with the latest market developments, covering most of the dapps out there. At the same time, curators will ensure that all the content and contributions on DappRadar are valid and go along with community guidelines. To create a self-sustaining network and reward curators and contributors, income is also needed, and that’s where premium features and advertisers come in. DappRadar will evolve into a trustless community-powered dapp store maintained by thousands of skilled individuals earning a living by ensuring we all have access to discover dapps 24/7. 

Contributors and curators will have the opportunity to earn money in an environment where we envision thousands of people making a living by being a part of the DappRadar ecosystem. Most importantly, basic dapp store functionality will always be freely accessible to everyone. Every person on Earth deserves access to dapps no matter where they are from and how much money they have.

It is a long journey. It might take us years. And we need you to make it happen. 

RADAR is coming on Tuesday 14th December, along with some early features.

Join us, let’s scale The World’s Dapp Store together. 

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