How The World’s Dapp Store Connects Dapps With Users

Dapp stores aren’t only beneficial to users, but also dapp developers.

DappRadar, now The World’s Dapp Store, was built around the premise of simplifying the discovery and usage of blockchain applications, for everybody. DappRadar attracts over 1 million unique visitors that generate an average of 7 million page views a month. Currently, we track over 8,000 dapps and almost 2,000 NFT collections across 27 blockchains and rising. Cementing our position as the world’s leading dapp distribution platform. On average, 85% of that audience, or around 750,000 users a month, already have a blockchain wallet installed and are experienced using dapps. Our global audience includes the United States, Great Britain, China, India, and Canada as the top 5 visitor countries. 

For dapp developers and those on the cusp of developing this exciting technology, DappRadar offers direct access to engaged and educated users. Additionally, channels to communicate directly with them through tailored content and marketing campaigns. 

The final piece of the puzzle is the release of our RADAR token, scheduled for launch in December. RADAR will act as the glue to bind the community of dapp developers with DappRadar users further. Having your dapp listed on DappRadar is the first step to ensure as many people as possible can find you, but a Dapp Store can offer so much more. 

0% dapp store fee VS. 30% app store fee

Dapp stores aren’t only beneficial to users, but also developers. App stores are centralized, hosted, and curated, with the gatekeeper demanding a commission of up to 30% of the revenue. The dapp store, on the other hand, doesn’t take a commission for referring a user. These different cost structures (30% vs. 0%) are fundamental changes to how dapps are marketed and distributed from the developer to the user. 


In The World’s Dapp Store, dapps aren’t hidden or curated based on the preferences of a gatekeeper. DappRadar provides the tools for users to discover dapps through quantitative methods. When a user finds something popping in the dapp store, it’s really popping. There’s no tricky marketing behind it — a dapp comes up at the top of rankings because of its performance, which we measure in real-time and with unrivaled accuracy. 


The dapp store brings changes to the way users discover new dapps. In traditional app stores, you’d find games by scrolling through categories, watching game trailers, and reading descriptions or reviews from other users. Dapp stores, on the other hand, provide rational and data-driven metrics that help users determine whether they want to try a dapp. Metrics such as, how many other users are using that dapp? Are users investing lots of money? Is there considerable trading activity? What’s the price performance of the native token?

Stats and measurable data become decisive factors, making blockchain data graphs the shop front for the dapp ecosystem. Where app stores rely on reviews and sentiment, dapp stores add a quantitative layer. Utilizing blockchain data and presenting information to make it understandable for the audience, and in doing so, educating them in making reasonable decisions. 

The tools that help you market your dapp

As a dapp store geared towards end-users and developers alike, we have created an infrastructure to help dapp creators market their products efficiently. 


The developer marketplace is a curated selection of 3rd party solutions to help supercharge your dapp projects. Browse through analytical, wallet, payment, and development solutions to help keep your dapp relevant, fresh and usable.  


Ad placements on the most viewed pages and categories help attract relevant audiences and get your dapp in front of the right people, at the right time. Additionally, special offers and sign-up bonuses can push dapp activity, putting your project closer to the number one spot and increasing visibility over the long term.

Content Marketing 

Our blog is the ideal resource to cater to users’ intense thirst for knowledge through articles, announcements, and how-to guides. Our team of expert content creators tells projects’ stories in both written and video formats. We then amplify content through our social media channels, ensuring global exposure backed with the DappRadar brand. 


Airdrops are, of course, our space’s go-to marketing tool. We provide the mechanics to distribute a portion of your native token to the DappRadar community to encourage them to champion and discuss your project on our various social channels.

The World’s Dapp Store 

At DappRadar we are hopeful about a future where online collaboration flourishes and digitally native organizations thrive. The tech giants we know today started in a garage or basement, working together to build a future. In today’s world, we build the future together, online, connected, and collaboratively. 

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