How Staking RADAR Benefits Dapp Developers

How Staking RADAR Benefits Dapp Developers

See how you can use RADAR for your project’s benefit

As a dapp developer, you know that visibility is key to success. The more people who know about your project, the more users you are likely to acquire. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that you can benefit your project by staking RADAR. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is RADAR?

RADAR is the native token of the DappRadar ecosystem. By owning RADAR, you get to be a part of our community and have a say in our organization’s future projects. 

The token was launched in late 2021, and it’s at the center of our strategy to bring more transparency and data to the decentralized application (dapp) industry.

Whoever owns RADAR can also stake it to earn rewards. In the case of developers, staking RADAR can also benefit their dapps.

How developers can benefit from staking RADAR

If you’ve ever used DappRadar, you know it’s the best place to track data in the industry – visited by over 500,000 users every month. On the DappRadar Rankings, for instance, you can browse through top blockchain dapps in different categories and networks, ranked by metrics like daily users, volume, and so on.

As you can read in our complete article, anyone can benefit from staking RADAR by harvesting more RADAR tokens and also providing liquidity to earn LP tokens.

However, another staking feature catches the eye of dapp developers across the web3.

By staking RADAR, you can use the Boost Power to show support for your project on DappRadar’s Rankings. Any RADAR staker can do this to any dapp on Ethereum. In the future, this feature will also be available for dapps in other networks.

This way, your dapp will jump in the eyes of DappRadar users, which demonstrates the support it receives from the community.

Top Ethereum Marketplaces Boosted On DappRadar

The blue icon represents Boosts, and users can also filter the Rankings to see only the dapps that have been supported on the platform.

The plan for this feature is that it will unlock a myriad of powers for each boosted dapp community.

Get started staking RADAR

If interested, you can start staking RADAR tokens today. Just follow the step-by-step instructions shown in the video below.

Continue to learn all about the RADAR token in this complete overview, and head to DappRadar’s Token Swap to get yourself some RADAR.

To stay informed about the main happenings in the Dapp industry, read our educational articles and news on the DappRadar blog. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for RADAR notifications.

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