How Blocklords plans to bring deep strategy gaming to Ethereum

Total war is coming

It’s fair to say many blockchain games go heavy on blockchain and somewhat lighter on the game.

That’s not very surprising given that to-date most developers of such games are blockchain enthusiasts rather than experienced game developers.

Things are changing though, with recent blockchain games better integrating blockchain with the core element we expect as standard from all games — fun.

That’s a trend we can see reflected in Blocklords, a medieval strategy game that initially launched on the TRON and NEO blockchains but which is now coming to Ethereum in a much improved version 2.0 release.

Lord and ruler of all

To play this free-to-play game, you’ll need a hero NFT character, which you move around the map, attacking other players and NPCs, and trading resources and game items to increase your stats and gain power.

The game’s map — set in western Europe in the middle ages — consists of 16 cities, each of which is controlled by its Lord, a player who collects taxes on items sold in the marketplace.

As more people join the game, the more valuable these locations will become, resulting in constant conflict as players vie to conquer them and gain the rewards.

Of course, this sort of activity will be limited to higher level players.

While they’re building up their resources, lower level players will construct their own base, which generates resources for crafting, build surrounding strongholds to defend their territory, and fight bandits to level up their items.

And as these bases can also be looted, Blocklords will be full of warring factions, each trying to fight their way up the ladder to power — much like medieval Europe was.

The development team have plenty more ideas about where they’re going to take the game in future too, including national wars, adding a dynasty feature involving marriage, birth and permanent hero death, plus mobile and Facebook versions of the game.

You can read all about those in the whitepaper.

But in the meantime, as the game is prepped for its beta release in November 2019, 20 limited edition hero characters are being sold.

You can check out those characters via the game’s store.

And if you purchase one now, you can get a taster of the game by playing through the early access tutorial.

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