How Avalanche Subnets Fuel Next-Generation Gaming

How Avalanche Subnets Fuel Next-Generation Gaming
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The Web3 gaming ecosystem is flourishing, and Avalanche solutions are a key factor in its success

The Web3 gaming ecosystem is flourishing, and Avalanche’s technical scaling solutions are a key factor in its success. They call these solutions Subnets, but how are Avalanche Subnets any different from Layer-2 blockchains or Rollups? What games are using this technology? Keep reading to understand how Web3 games are gaining complete control of their networks.

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Avalanche and its game-changing Subnets

Unlike Layer-2s or Rollups, Avalanche Subnets are a method of using different sets of validators to make new subnetworks of the main Avalanche blockchain network.

Despite being part of the greater Avalanche network, each Subnet can be customized to have its own currency, security system, and set of validators.

Avalanche Subnets are true allies to blockchain developers. They can not only reduce costs and time but also give them better tools and more complete control to create dapps.

They enable developers to configure features such as which token pays for fees, who validates network activity, and which virtual machine facilitates operations.

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Boosting Web3 gaming

Web3 games take traditional games and add elements that enhance player engagement and provide real-world value. For example, these games give players ownership and allow them to own in-game items. Sometimes, they can carry these items from game to game. Critically, in Web3 games the in-game currency can be a cryptocurrency.

As one of the fastest-growing industry segments, blockchain gaming has taken the crypto community by storm. As a result, the Avalanche blockchain is home to various top-notch gaming dapps, and more are looking to leverage the unique proposition offered by Subnets.

Notably, the next wave of games on Avalanche will feature better graphics and come from more sophisticated game studios. So these games can compete with the Web2 ones in many ways, and it’ll extend beyond crypto natives and become the catalyst that brings crypto to the masses.

One of Avalanche’s main focuses is facilitating the development of decentralized gaming applications. Therefore, deeply configurable Subnets are ideal for the disruptive new generation of games, allowing everything to be tailored to gamers. Entire game economies can run on a Subnet designed precisely to support a particular game. This makes for the best possible experience – and onboarding the next billion gamers a real possibility. 

Indeed, Subnets have a direct influence on users’ gaming experience in addition to making game developers’ lives easier.

Avalanche Subnet-powered games provide players with faster gameplay and allow them to focus on what truly matters – the game itself. Subnets aren’t impacted by activity elsewhere in the Avalanche or the wider blockchain ecosystem and therefore provide optimal performance. 

Top Live games on Avalanche

Thanks to its innovative Subnets, Avalanche is a frontrunner protocol, and many developers have discovered that it is the ideal foundation for building their NFT and gaming dapps.

Get to know some of the best gaming dapps that use this technology.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain game that combines a DEX, liquidity pools, market for rare utility-driven NFTs, and vintage fantasy pixel imagery to tell its story.

Despite originally launching on the Harmony blockchain, the play-to-earn game has deployed to an Avalanche Subnet of its own in mid-2022 called Crystalvale. It quickly became one of players’ preferred protocols, registering more daily transactions than entire other blockchains, such as Polygon and Hedera.

On Crystalvale, DeFi Kingdoms benefits from the protocol’s speed and efficiency, which in turn keeps the gaming community satisfied.


As one of the most established games on Avalanche, Crabada also takes advantage of Avalanche Subnets.

Set in an undersea world with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs known as Crabada, this game allows players to own, trade, breed, and battle in-game characters, each of them an NFT. Through playing and winning battles, gamers can earn real-world rewards.

Crabada’s Subnet network, named Swimmer Network, is dedicated solely to decentralized gaming projects and is based on the infrastructure, security, and speed provided by Avalanche.

Other promising games launching on Avalanche soon

As you might expect, there are several high-invested games with stellar teams preparing to launch their own Subnet. Here are some top names to keep watch:

  • Ascenders: Sci-fantasy, open-world action role-playing game;
  • Ragnarok: Lore-Driven metaverse role-playing game;
  • Shrapnel: The first AAA first-person shooter blockchain game.

Join the Avalanche Multiverse

Avalanche is one of the blockchain industry’s fastest smart contract platforms, and the very fastest measured by transaction finality (less than one second). It also has the most full block-producing validators, more than any other proof-of-stake protocol, after Ethereum. Furthermore, Avalanche is fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and well-suited for any blockchain game.

Your dapp can also benefit from Avalanche Subnet technology. With Avalanche Multiverse, a $290 million incentive program created by the Avalanche Foundation, Web3 developers from all over the world can advance in adopting Subnets.

By participating, you get to dive into how blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFT dapps make the most of Avalanche. Interested in joining? Complete the form via this link.

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