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Find what’s hot on the blockchain as it happens live

DappRadar has launched Hot Contracts, a new feature that allows Web3 users to discover trending smart contracts live on the blockchain. Hot Contracts allows DappRadar users to see what are the most used smart contracts during a certain time frame. 

Through Hot Contracts, users can see which smart contracts are trending on Ethereum, Polygon, Blast, Base, zkSync and BNB Chain. Thanks to our real-time data, users can find emerging dapps, trending tokens and live NFT mints as they take place. 

Hot Contracts works independent from a dapp’s listing status on DappRadar. However, when we associate a trending smart contract with a listed project, it will automatically link to the corresponding project page. 

In the past developers would list their project on DappRadar as part of their marketing efforts, but with Hot Contracts our users can discover projects as they launch on mainnet. Hot Contracts propels DappRadar to the earliest possible onchain discovery opportunities.  

The benefits of Hot Contracts

With the introduction of Hot Contracts, users can discover dapps seconds as soon as they launch on the blockchain. In addition, it will allow people to discover dapps that have not officially been listed on DappRadar yet. It’s safe to say that this feature can give Web3 enthusiasts and day traders a competitive edge. 

This is some of the alpha you can find through this new feature:

  • Real-time insights – Find new mints as the sale happens and discover new dapps. Stay ahead with the latest information on blockchain activity and trends.
  • Comprehensive data – Access a broad spectrum of data points, including all types of transactions and contract types.
  • Strategic opportunities – Identify high-potential tokens, NFTs, and dapps for early opportunities.
  • Understand blockchain data – Immediately understand what a smart contract does thanks to advanced filter options and AI-generated descriptions.

Guide on how to use Hot Contracts on DappRadar

Hot Contracts is an easy-to-use feature, allowing any Web3 enthusiast to discover trending smart contracts. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to evaluate insights you discover through Hot Contracts.

  1. From the top menu bar, you can find Hot Contracts in the drop-down menu.
  2. The Hot Contracts overview gives you a list of smart contracts on the chain of your choice, the associated dapp (if applicable), the number of unique active wallets, and the gas fees associated with the smart contract during a certain time frame. In the last column you can see how long ago the contract was first deployed. 
  3. You can filter and sort the data. Through the dropdown in the top left, you can select the chain for which you want to see the trending smart contracts. While additional filters allow you to filter: general contracts, token contracts (ERC-20) and NFT contracts (ERC-1155 and ERC-721). 
  4. When you see a smart contract that peaks your interest, click it. This will open a modal with more data, potentially a link to the project page on DappRadar, and a direct link to the block explorer. We also provide an AI-powered description of the functionality of the smart contract, giving Web3 enthusiasts more insights in the functionalities of the contract.  

As we iterate on the existing product, Hot Contracts will get more filter options over time. For example, we will introduce the ability to only show new smart contracts soon. 

Getting access to Hot Contracts

The 3 most popular contracts on all supported chains are visible for all registered users. However, if you want access to the complete list with filter and sorting options, you need to be a DappRadar PRO Member. Registered users can utilize the 1-hour time frame, while PRO members have access to three more time frames.

PRO access can be obtained by staking 30,000 RADAR tokens on the “PRO Membership” page, which also offers exclusive benefits and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your staked RADAR.

We invite you to try Hot Contracts, and discover the trending smart contracts on any of the supported chains. Come back regularly, as new projects launch all the time. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team on Discord

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