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Biggest Relaunch in BSC Play-To-Earn History October 2nd

Hold SPC tokens and earn from playing an arcade game inspired by the classics, that’s the promise of SpacePort Arcade. This play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain already attracted over 18,000 users, and top players earn over $1,000 per day.

The SpacePortCoin (SPC) token is crucial for the play-to-earn mechanics of SpacePort Arcade. There’s a maximum of SPC earnings someone can make per day, and that maximum depends on the amount of tokens one holds in their wallet. However, based on 2% of the token holdings with no maximum cap to what one can earn.

SpacePort Arcade wants many gamers to earn from their game, and therefore this earnings limitation will prevent whales from manipulating the game’s economy. Playing SpacePort Arcade, players earn roughly $1 for every 500,000 points they score. 

When it comes to gameplay, SpacePort Arcade reminds us of classic arcade games like Galaga and Space Invaders. Controlling a spaceship players need to destroy incoming enemies, while avoidings asteroids and incoming fire. The longer the player stays alive, the more enemies will come at a higher speed. 

How to play SpacePort Arcade

  1. In order to play SpacePort Arcade, you will first need at least $1 worth of SpacePortCoin (SPC). Acquire SPC on Binance Smart Chain through the DappRadar Token Swap.
  2. With the SPC in your wallet, go to the official website. Connect your wallet (top right) and click “start” and “submit” your username. 
  3. Now press the top left SpacePort logo to go back to the main page. 
  4. On the main page, scroll down, click the arcade screen, and move the spaceship cursor to the “play 2 earn” hub on the left side. 
  5. Then fly your spaceship to “World 1” 
  6. The game begins. You move using your mouse or keyboard. Shooting happens automatically. Get it three times and it’s game over.
  7. When’re dead. Make sure to press “save score” to submit your score to the blockchain. 
  8. After that, press “play again” to give it another try.

The power of smart contracts

What’s outstanding about SpacePort Arcade isn’t necessarily its gameplay, because we’ve seen these types of games since the 80s. However, SpacePort Arcade ties its entire economy in with a crypto token, while all its play-to-earn mechanisms are stored on the blockchain through smart contracts. There’s nobody keeping scores. It’s simply players reaching high scores, submitting their results, and earning from their efforts. 

On top of all that, users need only a bit of SPC to start earning more. It’s a very positive experience to put money behind a project and being able to add more tokens to your holdings by putting effort into it. Again, all this is set in the game’s rules on the blockchain, stored through the power of smart contracts. They will be conducting a public presale on October 2nd 9PM EST at https://spaceport.to, don’t miss it!

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