Hic et Nunc Stopped Operations, Website Offline

Hic et Nunc website offline discontinued tezos NFT marketplace

Users flabbergasted by sudden decision

Like a bolt out of the blue NFT marketplace Hic et Nunc has pulled the plug and taken the website offline. The website can’t be reached, the developers left the message ‘discontinued’ in their Twitter profile, and shared the smart contract address as their goodbye message. 

The lack of communication behind the decision to take Hic et Nunc offline makes this event quite mysterious. Hic et Nunc has been the most popular NFT marketplace on Tezos, and plenty of users tapped into the website on a regular basis. 

However, NFTs are stored in user wallets and all images on IPFS. As a result, nobody loses their NFTs. That’s the power of the blockchain, and that’s why decentralized storage matters. Even when a service goes offline, the NFTs remain in the hands of their owners. We advise Hic et Nunc users to simply go to Objkt, and continue their venture into NFT collecting on Tezos there. 

Developer sick of criticism?

The developer, who goes by the name of Raf, left a smart contract address on the Hic et Nunc Twitter page. According to some, the developer got annoyed with the criticism of his creation and simply pulled the plug. 

However, the smart contracts still exist. So technically someone could make a new website that ties into those contracts. Some users mention Objkt.com and Akaswap.com as alternatives for the discontinued marketplace. 

The legacy of Hic et Nunc

Hic at Nunc, often referred to as HeN, became a premier NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain since its launch in May. The website was popular thanks to its simple, even though a bit clunky design. Artists could easily mint their artworks, and the platform attracted a somewhat underground or niche audience. Hic et Nunc was a breath of fresh air for NFT art on a blockchain that was for once not Ethereum. 

In the past week Hic et Nunc attracted over 16.000 unique active wallets, responsible for $1.39 million in transactional volume. The marketplace has been the number one dapp on the Tezos blockchain since DappRadar started tracking the ecosystem earlier this year. However, seemingly HeN’s throne was under attack, as Objkt is climbing the ranks.

Will NFTs originally sold on Hic et Nunc now become ‘old school’? Very likely. Will that mean that their value will increase simply based on their origins? Possibly. Stay updated about this story, here on DappRadar.

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