Objkt Coming for Hic et Nunc’s Throne on Tezos

Objkt Coming for Hic et Nunc's Throne on Tezos

NFT marketplace wars brewing on Tezos as Objkt gains 41% more users

Hic et Nunc is the most popular NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, however, contender Objkt is steadily gaining ground. In the past thirty days, Objkt attracted 41% more unique active wallets, boosting its total number of users to over 11.940. However, Hic et Nunc remains in the lead with more than double the number of active wallets. 

Ever since DappRadar started tracking the Tezos blockchain, Hic et Nunc has always been the leading dapp. The NFT marketplace attracted more than 30.000 wallets in the past 7 days alone. Users listed, sold, or bought NFTs, resulting in $8.16 million in transactional volume. 

However, the second-most visited NFT marketplace recorded a significantly higher trading volume than Hic et Nunc over that same time period. Objkt has blown past Hic et Nunc with more than double the transactional volume, reaching more than $16.3 million. 

Interestingly, Tezos’ top dapps remain heavily centered around the NFT space. With Hic et Nunc and Objkt taking the two top spots, and Pixel Potus in third place, the blockchain solidifies its position as an NFT safe haven. Of course, DeFi solutions like Plenty and QuipuSwap are also important for the Tezos ecosystem. However, they tend to attract less active wallets than the NFT marketplaces in the lead. 

Can Objkt take the crown?

Objkt is steadily attracting the attention of the NFT community on Tezos. Granted, Hic et Nunc was the first Tezos-based NFT marketplace, which gives it a bit of an advantage. Still, Objkt has put a heavy focus on creating an appealing and functional marketplace, where artists can easily showcase their best work.

Recently, Objkt introduced several user interface updates that have attracted even more eyeballs to the platform. The marketplace now offers a much more comprehensive look in terms of analytics and overall experience for both creators and collectors by introducing new features like fullscreen view and floor price tracking. Additionally, Objkt offers NFT aggregation services and allows users to browse through NFTs listed on Hic et Nunc as well.

Still, Objkt has quite the road ahead to beat Hic et Nunc. At the time of writing, Hic et Nunc has a much more significant following on both Twitter and Discord. With close to 70.000 Discord members, the marketplace has attracted a huge community of NFT enthusiasts. Objkt is trailing behind with a mere 4299 members on Discord. 

However, if the platform keeps pushing updates and focusing on customer experience, the leadership position will keep getting closer. Importantly, as mentioned above, Objkt is already outperforming Hic et Nunc in terms of trading volume, and this is not a metric to be overlooked. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the battle of the NFT marketplaces on Tezos. If you want to learn more about Objekt, Hic et Nunc, and the Tezos blockchain, check out the links below. To learn the latest news about the NFT space first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community.

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