Hedera Token Service Now Works with MetaMask Snap

Hedera Token Service MetaMask Snap Wallet integration announcement
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HBAR Foundation has announced support for Hedera Token Service in the Hedera Wallet Snap for MetaMask. This allows Web3 enthusiasts and developers to introduce new tokens on the Hedera network through MetaMask, the most popular Web3 wallet service on the market. 

In January, Hedera Wallet Snap was announced, bringing Hedera product offerings closer to the 30 million people using MetaMask on a daily basis. By installing the Hedera Wallet Snap in MetaMask, users unlock native Hedera API transaction functionality. This means that users can interact with blockchain applications without relying on other software. In short, it turns MetaMask into a native Hedera wallet. 

The next major update will add support for the Hedera Token Service, also known as HTS. This integration adds a suite of features to manage digital assets on the Hedera network through MetaMask. In short it means that users and developers can mint, configure and manage fungible and non-fungible tokens on Hedera. Builders get access to functionalities like freezing and unfreezing accounts, enabling and disabling KYC account flags, associating tokens to an account, pausing, wiping, retrieving balances, burning assets and much more. 

This latest update featuring the Hedera Token Service for Hedera Wallet Snap is available from 24 April 2024 onwards. 

How to download Hedera Wallet Snap

Hedera has its own native wallet services, including Hashpack. We already referred to this wallet in our recent Quest in partnership with Earthlings, an upcoming gaming metaverse platform. If you prefer to interact with Hedera through MetaMask, this is how you set things up: 

  1. Make sure you have MetaMask installed in your web browser
  2. Open MetaMask, make sure you have made a wallet (never share your private keys!)
  3. With MetaMask open, click the ⋮ symbol (three dots)
  4. In the new menu, move down and click on “Snaps”
  5. Click “Discover Snaps” 
  6. Search for “Hedera Wallet” by Tuum Technologies, open the page and press “Add to MetaMask” 
  7. Accept the terms and conditions, and add Hedera Wallet to your MetaMask 

You now have Hedera Wallet Snap installed in MetaMask. You can now either create a new wallet, or import an existing Hedera wallet. 

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