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The first game Hash Warfare is now live!

HashLand is a unique new platform operating on Binance Smart Chain whereby players can collateralize NFTs. The first synthetic asset synthesizes Hashland’s own token mining hash rate, and the intellectual property of an already popular Chinese cartoon, I AM MT. 

I AM MT is a Chinese-made cartoon-styled game about unique-looking cows (Taurens), and those play a role in Hash Warfare. The game is about dungeon crawling to win cards and then using those cards to level up heroes. That way they can become better fighters, go into deeper dungeons, and kill bigger and stronger enemies. 

In a nutshell, players are invited to purchase synthesized NFTs, or S-NFTs, that can potentially hold higher real-world value due to the fact they are composed of an already popular IP and tied to the hash rate of the blockchain powering the dapp. The HC token is native to the HashLand ecosystem, and NFTs with a higher hash rate can earn more tokens.  


HashLands S-NFT cards feature 5 levels, with level-1 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest. Only level-1 cards can be purchased directly. Higher-level cards can be obtained through upgrades or blind boxes. Currently, every HashLand S-NFT card will represent a character from the I AM MT cartoon. Typically, higher-level cards can generate more HC tokens, and these cards also have stronger character attributes in the HashLand GameFi ecosystem. For a more detailed description of how the HashLand platform works you can visit their official gitbook

Hash Warfare 

Hash Warfare is the first game in the HashLand ecosystem and features an action, role-playing 3D game where players are able to own their game assets. Players can use their tradeable NFT cards to experience the PVE mode, PVP mode, and even fight bosses with other players in their guild. 

Heroes in the game each have their own special abilities and are modeled on characters from the I AM MT cartoon. There are four categories of hero: The main tank, the hunter, the lady, and the golden. Importantly, different arrangements of heroes are required for different game modes.  


Battle mode contains nine chapters, each of 8 small, and 5 big levels, with players needing 15 stars to progress to the next chapter. For this PVE game mode, HashLand advises building a team with a Golden, a Hunter, and a Lady for the most success. Stamina is required in the game to progress with rewards distributed through items and gold. Player vs player mode is where players can find quick games against other users in winner-take-all battles. 


Every successful adventure offers HC token rewards and gamers are incentivized to join the GameFi ecosystem, hopefully pushing positive development for HashLand. When it comes to the token distribution, 10% HC will serve as developer rewards for future updates. Another 10% HC will be pre-mined to attract early investors and institutional investors. A total of 5% HC will be used as community rewards and contribution rewards.

As you can see in the graph below, a total of 55% goes to the community members. Those who provide liquidity, join the NFT farm, or participate in GameFi, can earn HC tokens. 


It can be argued that the development of the digital economy has endangered people’s ownership rights. People have only obtained the license to use the virtual items that they purchased from the internet, but they haven’t gained any ownership over those items. 

While some intellectual properties such as Marvel Comics, or original music have already been commercialized through NFT platforms like VeVe. HashLand argues that the price often deviates significantly from its actual value. By combining GameFi elements with NFTs from intellectual properties, the S-NFTs from HashLand generate a lot more value than the collectible alone.

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