Has Mythical Found a Way for Web3 Games to Succeed on Mobile?

Has Mythical Found a Way for Web3 Games to Succeed on Mobile?
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DappRadar Meets Mythical Games CEO John Linden

Mythical Games has big ambitions for 2023 as the Web3 gaming company wants to launch mainstream mobile NFT games with support from Apple and Google. Aside from Blankos, the company has serious expectations for its two upcoming mobile games. DappRadar spoke with CEO John Linden about the company’s plans. 

Within the Web3 space Mythical Games is best known for Blankos Block Party, the party game where users can create their own content and own digital characters and wearables. However, the company also has Nitro Nation World Tour and NFL Rivals coming up. These will both be mobile games. 

Last month Apple announced restrictions on the use of NFTs on their platform, and that’s aside from the 30% they take on NFT sales. “We are very active partners with Apple and Google”, Linden told us. He then told a story about his work at Activision, where he launched a game that featured physical cards with a QR code. After negotiations with Apple and Google, the game company ended up selling the physical cards at the same price as digital ones offered through the AppStore. 

“I think the same thing is about to happen with NFTs”, the CEO of Mythical Games said. “So the whole concept of paying the 30%, you have to build that into your model”.

He suggested holding back some of the supply of the NFTs for sale through the AppStore, and argued that there are still ways to work with the rules imposed by Apple.

Nitro Nation World Tour & NFL Rivals

Nitro Nation will be a racing game in which players can upgrade and repair cars, and some of the workshops will be owned by players. These players can then build a community around their workshop. The first presale will take place in December, and it will have a soft launch in the beginning of 2023. 

But before that happens, Mythical Games will have another NFT sale. On November 15 the studio will sell their next batch of Rarity League helmets for the sports game NFL Rivals. These helmets function as guilds, and allow players to recruit a manager at a more competitive level. While all other players can enjoy NFT Rivals as regular player managers. 

Whatever happens, Mythical Games does think ahead of time. They don’t have plans to sell all their NFTs in one go. The company will sell NFTs in batches as more players download, install and play their games. “The next third of the supply will come out when we hit 2 million installs of the game, and once it hits 4 million the final batch will drop”, Linden explained. 

Mythical Games has more games in the pipeline, but Linden didn’t share any alpha on that. However, their own EVM-compatible blockchain ecosystem will launch soon. Mythos is currently in testnet and the MYTH token recently launched. 

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