Harmony Sees User Increase in Trending Games, Rising DeFi Dapps

Harmony Sees User Increase in Trending Games Rising DeFi Dapps
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Moon Robots and ONEverse are dapps to watch out for on Harmony

The Harmony blockchain saw a noteworthy increase in users due to its accessibility and optimal scalable Web3 infrastructure. In particular, the various GameFi and DeFi dapps on Harmony are the largest contributors to the network’s user base.


  • GameFi and DeFi dapps on Harmony have recently shown a positive growth trend.
  • ONEverse, a play-to-earn metaverse game, has seen a 250% 7-day user increase.
  • Moon Robots, a cross-chain NFT game, has registered a 10% user growth within 24 hours.
  • In DeFi, OpenSwap and FATExDao have recorded a 15% and a 60% increase in users over the last seven days
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The gaming sector is gradually becoming one of the most significant pillars of the blockchain economy. According to the latest DappRadar BGA report, blockchain games generated an average of 967,662 UAW per day in July, an increase of 8% month-to-month (MoM) and a remarkable 98% growth from the previous year.

Zooming in on each blockchain, we have also noticed that each of them has developed its distinctive positioning.

When it comes to Harmony, in light of its continuous development, the GameFi and DeFi sectors have become the conduit for ideas and innovation in its blockchain ecosystem. Projects such as Moon Robots, ONEverse, OpenSwap, FATExDao, and more now significantly impact Harmony’s economy and ecosystem.

OneVerse: the fully immersive Metaverse on Harmony

ONEverse is Harmony’s only 2D, 3D, and VR Metaverse. It seeks to bring a fully immersive play-to-earn Metaverse experience to the Harmony community. Two tokens and two sets of NFTs help facilitate ONEverse’s ecosystem, GRAV token, xGRAV token, Puff NFTs, and HarMolecule NFTs. 

Users can use this link to learn more about how to master ONEverse. But first, let’s take a brief look at it now. 

ONEverse’s gameplay will feature a series of quests, including but not limited to Galactic Foraging, Exploration, Reactions, Resource Creation, and more. Each previously mentioned in-game asset is essential in helping users ace the game.

Next, let’s check out the NFTs in ONEverse. These cute, fluffy creatures shown in the image below are Puffs, playable NFT characters in the upcoming first-person shooting game. Puffs are much more than shooters; users can send these NFTs on missions to mine in-game tokens, gather scarce resources for crafting precious items, and more. 

ONEverse’s P2E mechanism is meticulously-designed and allows users to earn rewards through various gameplay. For example, users can stake HarMolecule NFTs to earn xGRAV tokens, participate in tournaments to win GRAV tokens, and more. Follow this link for the full version of the gameplay.

It is worth noting that both Puffs and HarMolecule NFTs are already minted out. ONEverse will soon launch a marketplace for users to trade these assets. 

Notably, the game has seen a 250% increase in users in the last seven days. The team is working in full swing to bring a wealth of gameplay and earning opportunities to ONEverse. Find out more about ONEverse with DappRadar single dapp page tracking.

Moon Robots, a cross-chain DeFi & NFT fusion

Moon Robots Harmony GameFi DeFi

Moon Robots is a cross-chain strategy role-playing game powered by NFT and DeFi.  The game was launched on the Harmony blockchain in Q2 2022 and will expand to other networks in Q3. The dev team has chosen Harmony for its fast, secure, and efficient features, enabling a smooth and trustless user experience.

You can learn more about how to play Moon Robots here.

Four primary parts empower Moon Robots to have engaging and dynamic gameplay: Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, Item NFTs, and OIL tokens. 

Robot NFTs are important in-game characters in Moon Robots, but how can users obtain them? 10,000 Robo Egg NFTs will be available for the initial launch. Then each Egg will hatch into a Robot Hero. Since the Robo Eggs are already sold out due to their popularity, users can acquire them from NFTKEY Marketplace, Metatrone, and tofuNFT

Once players have their Robots and Lands, it’s time for play-to-earn mechanics to kick in. Players can rely on their Robots and Land NFTs to earn OIL tokens and Items. Furthermore, they can trade OIL for any other currency on the Harmony blockchain. 

Users can acquire Harmony’s ecosystem token, ONE, with DappRadar Token Swap.

It is worth noting that another stage of Land sales is around the corner and for more details, check out the Moon Robots website.

Harmony games Oneverse

More GameFi and DeFi dapps on Harmony see user growth 

OpenSwap, and FATExDao have seen a 15% and a 60% in unique users over the last seven days at the time of writing. 

These are trends that users should pay close attention to when evaluating the state and outlook of the Harmony blockchain. In addition, utilizing DappRadar’s following tracking tools can help users keep up to date with the latest developments on the Harmony blockchain in real time. 

Find more about Harmony.




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