How to Play Guild of Guardians and Earn Rewards

How to Play Win Earn Guild of Guardians
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A complete gaming guide for the mobile RPG on Immutable X

Guild of Guardians is a role playing game in which players guide their team of characters into dungeons, and play in search of loot and glory. Made by Immutable Games in collaboration with Mineloader Studios, Guild of Guardians is a mobile game that relies heavily on loot, NFT characters, guilds, and battling enemies. 

First and foremost, it’s important to know that Guild of Guardians isn’t finished yet. The developers aim for a full release in 2024, while the game has seen various playtests throughout 2022 and 2023. 

The latest playtest happened from 9 October until 20 October. The developers labeled this version of the game as the Friends & Family Test, a limited beta test for Guild of Guardians.

How to play Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile game that will be completely free for everybody. Players build a team of guardians, leveling them up as you venture through dungeons. Each of those guardians requires armor and weapons, which can also be upgraded. Ultimately you need to create the strongest team possible to adapt to any situation, in an attempt to beat bosses and earn tradable rewards.

What’s the Friends and Family play test?

The Friends and Family playtest for Guild of Guardians is an early beta version of the game. However, compared to previous playtests, there have been some serious changes. 

  • Instead of an isometric birds-eye view where players can move their squad around, the game is now played through automated combat where players activate powers on demand.
  • Players can take a squad of 10 into dungeons, but at any time can only have 5 guardians active on the battlefield. 
  • The option to revive guardians has been disabled (for now). You will need to be lucky to find a revival point somewhere in the dungeon.
  • For the first time, players can experience crafting. Gather resources, craft new items, weapons, etc. 

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, Immutable wants to ensure that skill and strategy are core elements of the game. Spending money on the game will not harm other players, because the game is not focused on PVP. 

What is the release date for Guild of Guardians? 

Guild of Guardians isn’t out yet, but it will come to iOS and Android somewhere in 2024. Gamers can pre-register now to be part of current and upcoming play tests. 

GOG token and how to earn

The native token of the Guild of Guardians ecosystem is the GOG token. Players will need GOG for certain in-game actions, but they can also use it to purchase game items from the NFT marketplace. GOG can be rewarded through leaderboards and competitions.

What is GOG active staking? 

GOG staking is an initiative to ensure that users actively participate in the game economy. Those who purchase one or more Guild of Guardians NFTs from the marketplace, will receive an APY on their GOG token holdings. You need to hold GOG tokens in your Immutable X wallet, buy an NFT once in a while, and you will earn interest on your GOG holdings.

What NFTs are there in Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians features NFTs for game characters (skins), pets (helpers), guilds and energy tokens. Energy tokens can give characters a boost, pets can help players and guilds are required to make gamers group up and work together.   

Where to buy game characters, pets and other game items? 

All assets for Guild of Guardians exist on the Immutable X blockchain. Because this ecosystem uses an open order book, every item for sale on the network is listed on every marketplace. Even though not the nicest interface, Immutable Market is a nice starting place.

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