Gods Unchained Boosts User Base 150% in 30 Days

Gods Unchained Boosts User Base 150% in 30 Days

Blessing of the GODS play-to-earn event extended

Gods Unchained is the biggest gaming dapp on Immutable X and its recent Blessing of the GODS events has pushed activity even further. In the past 30 days, Gods Unchained attracted 150% more unique active wallets to its platform, boosting the total to more than 12.000.

The Blessing of the GODS event allows players to compete and share in a weekly airdrop of GODS tokens. This way Gods Unchained wants to reward players that are actively playing the game. Aside from the increase of unique active wallets, which basically translates to the number of users, the number of transactions also increased heavily. In the past 30 days the number of transactions rose 140%, reaching over half a million in total. 

Gods Unchained is a trading card game that initially launched on Ethereum, and then transferred its operations to the Immutable X layer-2 solution. The team did that to offer players a more accessible gaming experience, and to circumvent constantly rising gas fee costs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Trading card games on the blockchain are steadily gaining popularity, and Gods Unchained is one of the rising stars. Boasting complete player ownership over in-game assets, and unmatched play-to-earn gameplay, the platform is pushing ahead of the competition. 

Gods Unchained extends play-to-earn event

The Blessing of the GODS event was one of the main reasons why the Gods Unchained platform saw a significant boost in users in the past thirty days. Following the success of the event, the team decided to extend it to January 24th.

The first phase of the event will end on December 28th. During it, players have a chance to share weekly reward pools of up to 500.000 GODS tokens. The pool increased or decreased, depending on the number of unique active players each week. Of course, to be eligible to receive a share of the reward pool, players need to complete weekly tasks. You can find the full list of tasks here. However, most of the tasks concern the number of battles you participate in, and the win rate players achieve. 

During the second phase of the event, the reward mechanism will change a bit. In order to battle a wave of bots trying to take advantage of the rewards program, the Gods Unchained team has shifted the eligibility criteria. Instead of counting unique active players each week, the reward mechanism will rely on eligible players. This shift aims to weed out the bots, and reward only dedicated players. The maximum weekly rewards pool for the second phase of the Blessing of GODS event is 315,000 GODS tokens. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Gods Unchained ecosystem, as more play-to-earn tournaments and events are announced. Stay tuned, and follow the game’s performance closely on its official DappRadar page. For the latest news in the blockchain gaming sector, follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community. Hint: our RADAR airdrop is still live!

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