Gods Unchained Blasts Through the Bear Market

Gods Unchained Blasts Through the Bear Market

The game’s native token shot up 64% in the past seven days

Gods Unchained takes the lead in the top 10 blockchain games ranking this week as its native token GODS gained 64% in valuation. Usual suspects Alien Worlds and Splinterlands are trailing behind, even after attracting thousands of player wallets in the past seven days. 

Despite the rather turbulent atmosphere in the crypto world, Gods Unchained has managed to keep a steady user base and an active community. What’s more, the game’s devs have made a pledge to be even more transparent and open to feedback considering the current bearish trends. 

According to the latest DappRadar and BGA Games report, blockchain gaming activity hit an all-time high in April. Gaming dapps attracted over 1.2 million unique active wallets. This article looks at the hottest gaming dapps of the week. We combine on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news surrounding the projects to compile the ranking. 

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. You can also click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. 

Top 10 blockchain games – Week 21

1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained takes the lead this week after its native token GODS gained more than 64% in valuation over the past seven days. The game attracted over 6,000 unique active wallets, and boasts one of the best token performances across the board. In order to keep the momentum, the Gods Unchained team has vowed to put an even bigger focus on community feedback when developing future iterations and stages of the game.

2. Alien Worlds

BNB Chain leader Alien Worlds ranks second this week after attracting over 650,000 unique active wallets in the past week. The Alien Worlds team recently announced the Guardian Awards event, which aims to promote and recognize active community members and contributors. 

3. Splinterlands

Hive-based trading card game Splinterlands makes it into the top 3 with over 440,000 unique active wallets registered in the past seven days. The game recently launched its node validator campaign, which has had a positive effect on activity and trading on the platform. 

4. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades makes it back into the rankings after a stellar week. The game saw its native token SKILL gain over 10% in valuation, while more than 35,000 unique wallets interacted with CryptoBlades’ smart contracts. 

5. Mobox

NFT farming game Mobox ranks fifth this week after announcing a series of updates to its Molar Defense game. What’s more, Mobox will soon let players catch wild MOMO characters thanks to a Pokemon-style gameplay update. 

6. REVV Racing

Animoca Brands’ racing hit REVV Racing makes it back into the list after several weeks of absence. The game saw its native token lose about 6% in valuation, however, players are flocking to the platform to try out the new Blitz run gameplay. 

7. Bomb Crypto

Bomber-inspired BNB Chain wonder game Bomb Crypto attracted close to 40,000 unique active wallets and its native BCOIN gained over 2% in valuation in the past week. What’s more the team finally launched the much anticipated Amazon mode, which pushed activity for the game even further.

8. Farmers World

Despite a slight drop in NFT trading volume, Farmers World still makes it into the weekly top blockchain games ranking. The platform attracted over 189,000 unique active wallets and generated over $20,000 in NFT trading volume. 

9. Upland

EOS-based real estate game Upland continues to bring new items and regions to its world map. The game is seeing increased interest and activity thanks to its Genesis Week events and rewards. 

10. Pegaxy

Last but not least, the Polygon-based horse racing game Pegaxy manages to squeeze into the ranking with over 50,000 unique active wallets in the past week. Importantly, the Pegaxy team opened up the beta version of the mobile game to all NFT owners and scholars, which had a positive effect on activity. 

Gods Unchained defies the bear market trends

Despite the relatively turbulent setting in the crypto space, Gods Unchained has managed to gain token value and attract new users. In the past seven days, the game boosted its user base by more than 113%. 

In a recent community update, the Gods Unchained team addressed the fact that the game has persevered through numerous tough market periods. Thanks to their years of experience they have managed to create a solid gaming experience that continues to attract new users. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space, bringing you news and updates about the hottest gaming platforms. Follow DappRadar on Twitter for the latest scoops, and browse through the full blockchain games ranking here

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