GHxSTs Steal Spotlight Amidst Art Blocks NFT Dominance – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales Fidenza Ghxsts Ringers Archetype

Top-selling NFT sold for more than $2 million

An avatar NFT from the GHxSTs collection sold for more than $2 million, and stole the number one spot in the DappRadar NFT Top 10 ahead of many Art Blocks NFTs. Various generative art series from the Art Blocks platform dominate the top ten, as a total of 7 NFTs sold for more than $1 million over the past week. 

Art Blocks is really resonating within the NFT community right now, and collectors are prepared to pay top dollars for rare versions of popular art series. NFTs from the Ringers and Fidenza series have made it into the Top 10 multiple times over the past few months. Three weeks ago the most expensive sale from the Art Blocks NFT collection sold for less than $300,000. Now there have been multiple sales above $1 million.

However, an NFT named Sirxn 0 – Biobluminescent Sirxn from the GHxSTs collection claimed the top spot with a sale worth more than $2 million dollars. It’s worth noting that this was the dollar value at the time of the sale. The number two in the list, Fidenza #723, sold for 650 ETH, which was a little less than $2 million dollars at the time of the sale. 

GHxSTs is a limited NFT collection portraying ghosts, demons, immortals, and many more characters. The creator comes up with special designs and airdrops for those who collect certain combinations of NFTs. For example, owning a Sirxn (Siren) and Ghxst will get you a Mythixcal. The NFT collection follows the hype surrounding avatar and profile picture NFTs, of which we’ve seen plenty of launches over the past months.

Top 10 NFT Sales (August 16-22)

  1. Ghxsts – Sirxn 0 – Bioluminescent Sirxn – $2 million / 619,5 WETH
  2. Fidenza #723 – $1,99 million / 650 ETH
  3. Fidenza #529 – $1,59 million / 500 ETH
  4. Archetype #397 – $1,37 million / 420 ETH
  5. Ringers #377 – $1,13 million / 350 ETH 
  6. Fidenza #216 – $1,05 million / 320 ETH
  7. The Eternal Pump #9 – $1,04 million / 320 ETH
  8. Fidenza #31 – $903,272 / 280 ETH 
  9. CryptoPunks, #3468 – $812,244 / 255 ETH
  10. Fidenza #97 – $806,493 / 250 ETH

Avatars dominate NFT Collections

Even though the NFTs from the Axie Infinity series still generate the most trading volume over the past week, the generative artworks from Art Blocks are closing in. Art Blocks is the platform where NFT series like Fidenza, Ringers, and The Eternal Pump have launched. With $205 million and $128 million respectively, these two NFT collections dominate the Top 10 NFT Collections. 

What stands out is that the rest of the Top 10 consists almost exclusively out of avatar NFTs, with the exception of basketball collectibles from NBA Top Shot. CryptoPunks is leading the pack with $47 million in sales, while Bored Ape Yacht Club is looking to flip the Punks with a 99% trading volume increase to $45 million. 

The rest of the list consists of Cyberkongz VX and Cyberkongz, Pudgy Penguins, Generative Masks, and the Gutter Cat Gang collection. Outside the top 10, we also see Cool Cats, MeeBits, World of Women, Bored Ape Kennel Club before we get to Rarible. This is just to show that there’s serious interest in avatar NFTs.

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