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Taking a look at the top 10 most expensive Art Blocks NFTs

In the past seven days, Art Blocks has made waves among the NFT collectors’ community. According to DappRadar data, eight out of the ten most expensive NFT sales for the past 24 hours have been from the Art Blocks NFT collection.

The top performer yesterday was The Eternal Pump #29, which sold for 100 WETH, or $236,930 at the time of writing. Out of the top ten sales for the day, there are only two CryptoPunks that made the chart, all other NFTs come from Art Blocks collections.

Following this surge in interest and valuation, DappRadar decided to take a look at the top ten most expensive ArtBlocks on-chain sales. It turns out, a majority of yesterday’s top sales are actually the most expensive ArtBlocks sales historically. Let’s explore them in a little more detail.

1. Eternal Pump #29 

Eternal Pump #29 is the most expensive on-chain ArtBlocks NFT sale at the moment. The pinkish spiral sold for 100 WETH, or $236,930 at the time of writing.

Interestingly, this Art Blocks NFT switched owners a couple of times for around the same price of 100 WETH. 

2. Eternal Pump #1

Eternal Pump #1 is a combination of a purple background and a multi-colored spiral. The NFT sold for 100.69 ETH, which was valued at $226,350 at the time of the sale. In fact, Eternal Pump #1 was sold just shy of the 24-hour mark, otherwise, it would have been featured in the top ten sales list above. 

3. Fidenza #460

The Fidenza collection is one of the main drivers of activity for Art Blocks. Fidenza #460 sold for 100.69 ETH, which at the time of the sale was valued at $219,660. The NFT represents an algorithmic depiction of a combination of scale, organization, texture, and color usage.

4. Art Blocks Chromie Squiggle #1862

Launched by snowfro, Chromie Squiggles is the first collection created on the platform. According to the snowfro, each Chromie Squiggle represents the soul of the Art Blocks platform, but also the creator’s personal signature as an artist, developer, and tinkerer. Chromie Squiggle #1862 sold for 90 WETH, or $213,190. Owning a Chromie Squiggle also makes the NFT holder part of the Squiggle DAO community.

5. Ringers #358

Depicting the way a rope twists around a different number of pegs, Ringers NFTs are also gaining traction among Art Blocks collectors. Created by Dmitri Cherniak, Ringers #358 features a combination of black, white, and a single yellow peg. The NFT sold for 96.62 ETH, or about $212,060.

6. Eternal Pump #44

Eternal Pump #44 is another of Cherniak’s creations that has made it to the top of the charts. Featuring nine rings and a bright white background, Eternal Pump #44 sold for 90 ETH, or about $209,150.

7. Fidenza #938

At number seven of the most expensive Art Blocks sales, we have another entry from the Fidenza collection. Created by tylerxhobbs, Fidenza #938 features a different set of textures and color combinations. The NFT sold for 100 WETH, or $205,040 four days ago. 

Art Blocks

8. Eternal Pump #25

Another NFT created by Dmitri Cherniak, Eternal Pump #25 features only four rings and a golden palette. The NFT scored a high grossing sale only three hours ago, valued at 90 ETH, or about $197,530. 

Art Blocks

9. Eternal Pump #19

The Eternal Pump collection is clearly dominating the Art Blocks NFT space, scoring another one of the highest-grossing sales. Eternal Pump #19 switched owners a couple of days ago and sold for 82 ETH, or about $179,320. It features eight rings and a more complex color combination than most other Eternal Pumps. 

Art Blocks

10. Fidenza #526

The final spot at the current top 10 sales of Art Blocks collections also features a Fidenza NFT. Fidenza #526 was created by Tyler Hobbs and sold for 78 ETH, valued at $168,340. The artwork features a rather remarkable density of the elements, which makes its uniqueness stand out.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks – How does it work?

Art Blocks is one of the more inventive NFT creation platforms. While most NFT collections consist of art created by designers and developers, Art Blocks introduces an element of mystique to the creative process.

All Art Blocks collections are generative art. This means that a blockchain-based algorithm creates the patterns and color schemes for each artwork. There are various collections available on the platform, however, Fidenza, Eternal Pumps, and Chromie Squiggles are clearly dominating the space in terms of valuation. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Art Blocks’ development over time, so stay tuned. If you’d like to see how your NFT portfolio is doing, you can always log in to DappRadar Portfolio for a quick and easy view.

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