GHxST Collection NFT Sells For $2 Million


Old collections get a resurge amidst NFT hype

GHxSTs, a limited edition NFT collection portraying ghosts, demons, immortals, and many more characters has registered some incredible sales this weekend after launching back in May 2021. An NFT named Sirxn 0 – Biobluminescent Sirxn from the GHxSTs collection sold for 619,5 WETH, or more than $2 million dollars at the time of writing. 

The NFT stole the number one spot in the DappRadar Top 10 NFT Sales ahead of several established projects. Additionally, two further sales, one for around half a million dollars and one for just over 320k also took place. The absurd thing about the NFT space at the moment and a project like GHxSTs are that it can go from nothing to sell out very quickly. In this case, GHxSTs started their Twitter account in May of 2021 and already they’ve become one of the top NFT projects on OpenSea.

What are GHxSTs

All of the one hundred GHxSTs are hand-drawn and each has unique properties, some known, some unknown. The creator comes up with special designs and airdrops for those who collect certain combinations of NFTs. For example, owning a Sirxn (Siren) and Ghxst will get you a Mythixcal. The NFT collection follows the hype surrounding avatar and profile picture NFTs, of which we’ve seen plenty of over the past months. 

The project launched with several details that made it an instant hit. The most vital perhaps being the concept of combining the DNA of two GHxSTs which gives you an Immxrtal. It’s this mechanic that seems to have excited the NFT community the most. More importantly, Investors started sharing their Immxrtals and the project was soon all over Twitter. Moreover, GHxSTs started selling on the secondary market. Pushing up the floor price considerably. 

Additionally, to celebrate the selling out of all the original 100 NFTs the creators then decided to mint 50 special edition GHXST gas war NFTs. Which all sold out in just ten minutes. 


It’s safe to say that GHxSTs has found a formula for success, and it didn’t hinge around marketing. Instead, it was about making something special and then putting a high amount of effort into the curation of the community. It will be fascinating to see what happens to the NFTs now on the secondary market after these three landmark sales. 

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