Getting Started in Symbiogenesis is Easy

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But you need to put in effort to end up on top

Square Enix’ first Web3 entertainment experience features NFT collectible art, game utilities and a compelling narrative, and getting started with Symbiogenesis isn’t hard at all. This Web3 game offers a main story during which you unlock new characters, and allows players to embark on quests to find hidden items. 

We already wrote about Symbiogenesis before, covering the allow list for upcoming character mint events. In summary, the story of Symbiogenesis will unfold as players acquire NFT characters and then unlock storylines. Ultimately the world of Symbiogenesis is shaped by the people, who choose to share information or keep things secret. All players participate in the final choice of Symbiogenesis: the World Mission, but the choice itself can only be made by three players. 

By participating in the Treasure Hunting Campaign, players can also join the Allowlist Entry Campaign. In November they will sell the first batch of 500 NFT characters. In total there will be 6 chapters with a total of 10,000 NFT artworks up for grabs. Again, read more about these campaigns on our blog

How to join in the Treasure Hunting Campaign?

Symbiogenesis’ Treasure Hunting Campaign is easy to join. Simply go to the official website, join the Discord, and start the hunt. You can join at any time, and the campaign will end on 21 November 2023. There’s still enough time to get started with Symbiogenesis.

Joining the Treasure Hunt right now not only earn you Relic NFTs, but also points for the Allow List Entry Campaign. The more points you have, the higher your ranking. And only the top players will be eligible for the free mint. Therefore, finding 7 Relics will be a goal for many, as that will earn you 100 points for the Allow List Entry Campaign.

How to obtain Relic NFTs?

Sign up on the official website, join the Discord, and start searching for those Relic NFTs. There are 7 different relics during this treasure hunt, and these will become tradable. You can start playing by pressing the button below.

Why are those relics important? 

Owning a relic NFT will give you points, and the more points you earn will influence your ranking for the Allow List Entry Campaign (ALEC). Depending on the type of relic, the points can fluctuate. Top players can mint a FREE character NFT during Phase 1, and they will distribute only 500 NFTs. 

When you have a Character NFT and some Relic NFTs, you can combine them. This will then give you a better community ranking, and give you higher chances of getting rare NFTs. 

Users who obtain a total of 7 Relics or more, will earn an extra 100 points for the Allow List Entry Campaign for the first chapter mint (Phase 1). Get started and start searching those Relics for Symbiogenesis now.

Can I sell my Relics?

Yes, these are NFTs and can therefore be sold on the marketplace.

So, how to farm the easy way? 

You will have to work, but showing up daily is the hardest thing. You will need to search and farm those Relics. When you do this well enough, the Character NFT can be yours. As you gain more experience and rank up your account, you will climb the leaderboard. This makes you eligible for more content, more rewards, and new NFTs. You will need to search well to find many Relics, and yes, that will take some time. 

What’s the goal of Symbiogenesis? 

As said, Symbiogenesis is all about the community shaping the world. Only the Top 3 players of this hunt for Relics get to participate in the World Mission. The event will have rewards that hold the highest rarity. We are now in Phase 1, and there will be 6 phases in total. 


  • 28 Sept – 21 Nov – Treasure Hunting Campaign
  • 7 November 2023 – Allowlist Entry Campaign
  • December – Chapter 1 Character NFTs
  • Q1/Q2 2024 – Chapter 2 Character NFTs 
  • Q1/Q2 2024 – Release of game

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