German National Team Takes Sorare to a New High

Volume is up 85% in the past 24 hours

The German national team has attracted a wave of attention to Sorare in the past 24 hours. As a result, the NFT collection for the fantasy football game saw an increase in volume by more than 85% to a total of $554,570. The spike in volume was predominantly motivated by numerous auctions with cards for players from the German national team. 

There was a significant spike in the number of transactions and the number of active users as well. The attention boost Sorare saw pushed it to the top 5 of the DappRadar NFT collections rankings for the past 24 hours. 

Many different Sorare German national team NFTs found new owners yesterday. The highest-grossing sale of an NFT with a unique rarity level was for Germany was Leroy Sané’s NFT, which went for 21 ETH, or $41,000 at the time of writing. 

Robin Gosens’ card is next up in terms of the biggest sales for the German team. He is a defender for the national team of Germany and also plays as a left wing-back for Atalanta in Italy. Robin Gosens’ NFT sold for 8.56 ETH, or more than $16,000, at the time of writing. 

Other notable sales for the German team include Alexander Nübel ($9,970), İlkay Gündoğan ($3,900), Timo Werner ($2,600), and Bernd Leno ($2,540). 

German national team
German national team
German national team

The case with Kai Havertz is interesting, as two NFTs of different rarity with his image found new owners. Overall, the German national team was the top grosser on Sorare in the past 24 hours. 

The increased activity comes amidst a questionable performance from the team, who lost against long-time nemesis France. In addition, debates regarding the upcoming game with Hungary also attract attention to the German team. 

German national team does not feature the top sale

While Germany contributed the most to the overall number of sales on Sorare in the past 24 hours, the top sale actually came from a different team.

In fact, Kylian Mbappe was the top grosser yesterday. His NFT changed owners after a transaction worth 32.5 ETH, which at the time of writing was about $63,450. The French striker has been performing well so far in the Euro 2020 games. Germany’s own goal in the match against France was more or less influenced by Mbappe’s advance in Germany’s penalty zone. 

Despite missing out on scoring the top sale on Sorare in the past 24 hours, Germany was instrumental in pushing the fantasy football game marketplace to the top of the charts. As Euro 2020 continues, we’re bound to see more shifts in activity for the platform, especially as the quarter and semi-finals approach. Perhaps Sorare will add more national teams to their platforms, something they promised after adding France to their line-up one week ago.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Sorare metrics. If you have Sorare NFTs and are looking for an easy and accessible way to browse through them, check out DappRadar Portfolio

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