Genopets Habitat Trading Surges as Solana Minting Period Begins

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The Solana blockchain game has a loyal following working hard to bring new worlds to life

The Genopets Habitat unique minting process began on Solana on April 4th and the crafting window will be open for a full month. This gives all long-standing community members plenty of time to gather up the necessary ingredients and mint their new lands. 


  • The Genopets Habitats minting process was developed with long-term fans in mind.
  • Sale prices of Habitats are already reaching an average of 16.47 SOL
  • Genopets is the first move-to-earn game on the market, enabling players to earn rewards for being active in the real world.

What players will get

For Genopets holders, April 4th was a good day. It was, quite literally, the dawn of a new world. The popular NFT project introduced self-contained Habitats for holders of Genopets to mint and own. If you aren’t familiar with the project already, here’s an image of the Genopet avatar.

Genopet avatar

Genopets’ creators describe Habitats are ‘beautiful generative 3D landscape NFTs that promote the enhancement and evolution of your Genopet and unlock your ability to earn KI regularly’. The artwork certainly lives up to this description. 

Image of Genopets Habitat

There are five elemental classes of Habitat:

  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

By owning a Habitat, players can harvest unrefined crystals that spawn within it. Specific elemental classes give holders specific crystal types. Using the Habitat Laboratory, the player can then refine (mint) these crystals. 

Once this is done, there are two options: players can sell their crystals on the open market or apply them to their Genopet to change its appearance or unlock new movesets. 

Once a player has harvested and refined all the crystals they want, they try to swap their Habitat with another user in a mutually beneficial trade. Or, if you just love the piece of land you own, you can keep it.

What we know of the mint so far

Since the Habitat minting process launched, activity on the secondary markets has been intense. Over at Magic Eden, one of the biggest Solana marketplaces, there are 328 listed Genopets Habitats, with a current floor price of 16.5 SOL ($1,701 at the time of writing).

The average sale price in the past 24 hours is slightly higher though, currently sitting at 16.47 SOL ($1,698). The total volume of Habitats traded is 9,944 SOL ($1,033,181).

The Habitat NFTs have sustained these high prices since appearing on the secondary markets, a sign of the strong support the Genopets project enjoys. This high demand, though, is coupled with low supply. And we all know where that leads. 

Technically, the minting process is open for anyone to take part in. But in order to do so, a user needs five crystals, one terraform seed and 10 GENE to do it. For someone to buy these things on the secondary markets would cost around $700. So really, it’s the devoted community who have endured from the beginning who will be supplying the booming secondary market with newly-minted Habitats.

What is the Genopets project?

The Genopets project began in August 2021 as the world’s first Move-to-Earn NFT game. Its goal is to incentivize an active lifestyle by rewarding players with XP points when they get up and get moving.

The Genopets platform tracks users’ movements via their smartphone or fitness wearables. And the more a person moves about, the more mature a Genopets grows and the more valuable they become.

Genopets move-to-earn trailer

Simply based on its name, you might expect Genopets to be similar to Pokémon. However, Genopets adds that fitness element to it, giving the project an unique twist. When looking at the wider blockchain gaming industry, the influence of the Nintendo-owned gaming brand is undeniable. Illuvium will launch on Immutable X, putting a strong focus on battles.

 At the same time Chainmonsters will become an MMO on the Flow blockchain, while the BSC ecosystem has seen various GameFi products tap into the concept of monster catching and breeding. For example, Metamon and My DeFi Pet. Even the most popular blockchain game on the market takes inspiration from Pokémon.

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