GAMMA 4 Launches Private Beta on Bluzelle, NFT Rewards & Immersive Gameplay Await

Gamma 4 private beta
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GAMMA 4 Private Beta has landed on Bluzelle. The game promises a thrilling crypto Sci-Fi epic to captivate players with its innovative gameplay. This exclusive beta release offers a unique opportunity for select players to actively shape the game’s future while earning early rewards. 

Bluzelle, a GameFi-focused blockchain, has announced the highly-anticipated launch of GAMMA 4 Private Beta, an enthralling Sci-Fi RPG for the Cosmos ecosystem. After 18 months of development by a world-class team, GAMMA 4 is now ready to take players on an extraordinary journey through a galaxy filled with powerful races, NFTs, and heart-pounding battles.


What is GAMMA 4?

GAMMA 4 is an NFT game that delivers a unique Web3 gaming experience, combining battles and card strategy with character-breeding mechanics. Furthermore, the innovative use of NFTs adds new dimensions to the game. 

Players will find themselves immersed in a universe where a newly discovered energy source, Elementi, binds with various species across the galaxy, unleashing formidable abilities. The captivating story of the game begins with a cataclysmic event that sparks a planetary battle. Then, it leads players to make pivotal choices and embark on a quest of strategic brilliance and epic encounters.

The game’s features include card deck building, genetic breeding of characters, team selection, exhilarating battles, and NFT character collecting. Most importantly, a vast array of options and immersive gameplay is ensured.

A sneak peek into GAMMA 4’s private beta

Gamma 4 private beta launch

According to Bluzelle CEO and GAMMA 4 Executive Producer Pavel Bains, the private beta will have two full chapters, each consisting of eight levels, totaling 16 levels. And it’s not just about dull leveling up or progression – intense Boss Battles await.

The gameplay is thoughtfully crafted to immerse players in an enjoyable experience, encouraging exploration and valuable feedback from the community. The team’s ultimate goal is to create a captivating game that not only entertains but also incorporates players’ insights to make it truly exceptional.

It’s important to note that the game is already feature complete, with two levels currently available, and more in the pipeline. By actively seeking and integrating feedback, the team is dedicated to enhancing the game further, fueled by a vision to deliver an extraordinary gaming adventure.

Exclusive opportunity and rewards for 50 players

The long-awaited GAMMA 4 Private Beta has finally launched, granting an exclusive opportunity for only 50 players to actively shape the game. Emphasizing the significance of community participation, the team behind GAMMA 4 highly values feedbacks from these players. The team also believes players’ input will be instrumental in refining and enhancing the gaming experience from the very beginning.

As a gesture of gratitude for players’ dedication to shaping the game’s future, Bluzelle will generously reward them. Players can receive three exclusive NFT character cards as they progress through the thrilling campaigns. These rare NFTs will become cherished collector’s items, symbolizing their role in GAMMA 4’s legacy. 

With the collective feedback and input from the community, Bluzelle is determined to craft a dynamic and captivating gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of GameFi entertainment. 

The GAMMA 4 Private Beta is LIVE now. Secure your place among the first 50 players by completing the Quests on Zealy.

Watch the GAMMA 4 Private Beta World Premiere to learn more 

What is Bluzelle: the L1 blockchain fuels Web3 gaming

Bluzelle, a gaming-focused Layer-1 blockchain boasting 10,000 TPS and seamless interoperability with Cosmos Chains, has become a vibrant hub for high-quality games. 

Recently upgraded to the latest Stargate V9, Bluzelle is propelling GameFi on Cosmos with codebase enhancements, IBC compatibility, Osmosis integration, fast and affordable cross-chain transfers, and more.

Security lies at the heart of Bluzelle’s mission. With Bluzelle R2, a decentralized storage layer, the ecosystem implements a multi-node backup mechanism to ensure heightened security for users’ assets. This advanced security feature extends to every dapp within the ecosystem, including GAMMA 4 and Capella, the first NFT Marketplace on Bluzelle.

Learn more about GAMMA 4 and Bluzelle

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