Gaming Platform Ultra Plans Big Moves in 2022

Gaming Platform Ultra Plans Big Moves in 2022

The team released its updated roadmap

After an impressively successful run in 2021, gaming platform Ultra has announced its 2022 roadmap. The platform has a lot of exciting functionalities and projects planned for this year, so read on to find out more about Ultra’s 2022 roadmap. 

Last year brought in a wide array of gaming projects to the Ultra platform. In 2022 the team will focus towards expanding overall platform functionalities. Some of the more important milestones detailed in the new roadmap include the Uniq Marketplace, Wallet updates, and a dedicated Mobile App.

The Uniq Marketplace houses all digital assets. Whether you want to buy or sell, the marketplace is where you should look. This app is an integral part of Ultra’s ecosystem. It will pave the way for developers, artists, brands, and more to tokenize their content and share it with their communities.

Alongside the launch of Uniq Marketplace, Ultra will focus on further developing the integrated Ultra Wallet. This service plays an important role for gamers, collectors, and developers alike, as it facilitates all transactions on the platform. In 2022, the team behind the Ultra platform will work to make the wallet even more secure through an innovative Easy Blockchain Account technology.


Upcoming Ultra games

Aside from functional developments to the different tools featured on the platform, Ultra will also introduce numerous new games to its users. The newly announced roadmap points out two exclusive editions that will offer gamers vastly unique experiences. 

Firstly, Ultra is working on a brand new sports game. The game will be built exclusively on the platform in collaboration with a renowned gaming studio. Importantly, sports enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the Uniq marketplace, as all in-game assets will be Uniq NFTs. 

What’s more, the team is working on releasing a free-to-all first-person shooter game. This is the second major collaborative project Ultra is launching with an AAA game developing studio. While details regarding both games are still scarce, the projects are already under development.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space. According to our latest reports, blockchain gaming represents more than half of all activity on the blockchain. In this sense, platforms like Ultra are well-positioned to attract new users and leave their mark on the gaming industry. To get the latest blockchain gaming news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and keep an eye on the Top Games Dapps charts. 

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