Gameta Will Always Put Users above All Else

Gameta Will Always Put Users above All Else
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The Gameta dev team is also a big fan of BAYC!

DappRadar has launched a new series of Dapp Developer Interviews. We will have exciting discussions with the teams behind games, DeFi dapps, NFTs, protocols, and more. Hopefully, these conversations will inspire more developers to contribute their ideas to the development of Web3.

Blockchain gaming, for the first time in gaming history, grants users ownership of their in-game digital assets. In addition, it redefines the paradigm of user participation in games, allowing players to capture revenue in an innovative economic model.

At DappRadar, we track thousands of dapps to bring data-driven information to our users. For example, they can find the most popular and fastest-growing games at DappRadar’s Games Ranking.

Over the last few weeks, Gameta has witnessed a consistent increase in terms of unique user numbers. Impressively, Gameta has passed the 100,000-user benchmark in a short period. 

In today’s interview, we will have the Gameta tech leader Joy and his team share the secret sauce to their platform’s success. In addition, the team will share with us what the Web3 game world looks like in their minds.

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What has been your first interaction with a blockchain? 

Definitely Bitcoin. The emergence of Bitcoin showed people the power of innovation. This is the same thing we want with Gameta – to leverage our strength in traditional gaming development and distribution to fuel the existing Web3 gaming market.

Another experience we would like to call the ‘first interaction’ was with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs

The success of the Ape NFTs showed the power of culture and its influence on people’s thoughts and tastes. This inspired us to make Gameta‘s Hippo NFT collection a unique cultural icon for our community.

What are the dapps – besides your own – that you use most? 

We are incredibly interested in trying out different versions of a product to get a feeling of how its user experience and design evolve to keep it attractive to its users. 

This resonated with the idea of building our Gameta project. We are not the first team to create casual games for Web3 users, but we wanted to build the most suitable platform for our users. Our philosophy is smooth user experience first and Web3/crypto technology second. 

At the end of the day, what users really care about is not becoming a cryptocurrency expert but whether the product satisfies their needs.

Out of all your NFTs, what’s your favorite one? Why, and can you link it? 

As mentioned above, BAYC NFTs really inspired us. We are mad fans of the series and the cultural influence it has created. 

Now, Bored Ape has grown beyond its original NFT-powered image to a cultural force capable of reaching millions of fans. This process surprised us and motivated us to build something similar with our Hippo NFTs.

What’s the dapp you’re working on? Can you describe it as if we don’t understand blockchain?

gameta interview games

Sure. Gameta provides a series of enjoyable casual games; each can be found and downloaded on Google Playstore and Apple Store. 

When users play these games, they engage with them as if they are regular casual games. To start playing, it only requires simple email registration and password setup.

A slight difference is that we will automatically provide each player a free blockchain wallet and airdrop that player a Hippo NFT. Once users have registered for the game, the system will notify them of their ownership. Users don’t need to do anything with them.

When users play these games, there will be options for them to purchase reward Gems or spend to level up NFTs so they can unlock more hidden functions and levels. These interactions are similar to a regular casual game, but the transactions are all recorded on-chain. 

With Gameta, a player becomes familiar with Web3 without being forced to learn the complexity of Web3.

What significant challenges did or do you face when developing your dapp? Can you share that and how your advice can help others?

The biggest challenge lies in making our applications more Web2 user-friendly when they are interacting with the Web3 universe. As product developers, we always need to put users first.

The solution to this is quite simple but requires a lot of faith. We recommend dev teams talk to your target users and fans all the time and learn everything from them.

You must make users the center of your product development and focus on their feedback. Therefore, every product upgrade will make your users happier and more engaged with your products.

In your opinion, what are the most critical success factors for a dapp/Network?

Always know your users. Understand why they play/use your products. We advise against using “making money” as the main attraction of your product.

What is more critical for a dapp project, true decentralization or ease of use and simple user onboarding, or something else? 

For us, we vote for ease of use and simple user onboarding. However, this is not an unbreakable rule. The principles you adhere to depend on the kind of user you are serving.

True decentralization and innovation are the most important if you serve hardcore Web 3 users. On the other hand, if you target tech-savvy, an edgy product with a great new idea might be more appealing.

For Gameta, we serve the mass, day-to-day mobile users who play casual games on their smartphones. In response, a simple experience is a key factor in making them happier. After all, no one comes to a casual game looking for intense gameplay.

What significant opportunities do you see on the horizon, and how can you see this complimenting your project? 

As notions of Web3, the Metaverse, and NFT continue to become mainstream, this is a great time to start working on drawing the general public’s attention and helping them adopt Web3. If you see any possibility of making this happen, do it! Massive growth in Web 3 sometimes comes unexpectedly, so you have to start now.

Gameta is also a project that follows such a belief. Leveraging our team’s 10+ years in casual game development and distribution, we are confident in bringing tens of millions of Web2 users into Web3.

What features does your dapp’s ecosystem offer not seen in Web2 and similar products from ‘the old ways’?

First, we have wallet systems that allow all the players of our casual games to own their digital assets. The second is Avatar NFTs. We want all users on Gameta to get their upgradable Avatar Hippo NFTs.

What is the value proposition that makes your project unique? 

With our years of experience building casual games, we have created an ecosystem with over 20 million users with a pay-to-play habit. This has laid a solid groundwork for us, and it is our mission to guide them to explore opportunities in Web3.

How can people get involved and find out more about your project?  

First of all, DappRadar has written an excellent article explaining how to play our games and win gems.

Users can also join our Discord channel and follow our official Twitter. Also, we welcome anyone to be a volunteer in our community and help the newly joined Web2 users learn more about Web3.

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